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Review: Return of the Heroine by Kaye Michelle

For Joan of Arc, it was about surviving in a man's world. Nearly six hundred years later, at West Point, not much has changed.

One of the greatest heroines of all time returns and reveals the wisdom she received from Archangel Michael. "When you dare to commit to your deepest desires, your heart grows to accommodate the task at hand, no matter how daunting," Archangel Michael advises Joan of Arc before she embarks on a mission that will change the course of history. With only eleven days left to live, she must take yet another leap of faith, surrender to the guidance of Archangel Michael, and set the record straight to ensure those in the future know the truth.

Her legacy reaches across the veil of time to awaken the heroine in all women. And for one twenty-first-century woman, Jane Archer, a West Point cadet, it means finding the courage to expose a cultural crime that has been disempowering women for centuries. In the process, she must learn to trust her own inner guidance.

Paperback, 344 pages
Published November 20th 2012 by Balboa Press 

Kristine's Thoughts:

* I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

 This book tells the story of Joan of Arc in the 1400's and Jane Archer in the 1990's. Although two completely different woman, it depicts the challenges they face in doing what they believe is right for the greater good. Instead of taking the path of least resistance they both find the courage in an uphill battle to fight for what they know in their heart is right.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the book that told the story of Joan of Arc through her eyes as the narrator. It was well written, descriptive and engaging. Although I knew how her story ended I found myself routing for her and feeling her pain. Michelle did a marvellous job at bringing the character to life.

Jane's story was a little harder to get lost in as it shared a lot less face time which made it more difficult to connect with her character. Although her battle was just as important and worthy it felt rushed which, in my opinion, took away from the powerful message it should have portrayed and the significance of her actions.

Over all it was an enjoyable story about two heroic woman from two different times that share a connection and an even stronger conviction.


About the Author

 Kaye Michelle is a teacher, author and healer who works inspiring others to find their courage within. She co-founded Franklin Yoga, has been published in the 2009 Chicken Soup for the Soul-Power Moms, and 2012 Stay at Home Moms.
Kaye also founded a nonprofit for environmental and human relief. Her experience being appointed to West Point as a young woman was a catalyst for this novel and she is currently penning two more books.

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