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Review: Through Infinity by Libby Austin

Candice and Jason Woodruff had everything going for them: a strong marriage, the family they’d dreamed of, and successful businesses. When they made their wedding vows, they promised to love each other through infinity and beyond…but Candice doesn’t remember making that vow. Candice doesn’t remember the last eighteen years.
After a medical emergency, Candice awakens to find herself a married mother of four. She’s surrounded by a loving family of strangers, but Candice struggles to claim an identity while learning to be a wife and mother.
Candice is no longer the same woman Jason fell in love with all those years ago. Can they learn to love each other in this new reality?
Through Infinity is one woman’s journey as she rediscovers the love of her husband and children. But will that new found love be strong enough to carry them through infinity and beyond…

Kindle Edition, 412 pages
Published November 10th 2014 by Infinity and Beyond Publishing

Terri's Thoughts

I was gifted a copy of the book from the author via a giveaway on Goodreads with the promise of an honest review.  This book sat in my possession for far to long before I was able to read it.
What can I say?  If the synopsis provided about the book is not enough to get you interested then I don't know what.  I mean seriously, can you imagine waking up to find out that you are essentially missing almost 20 years of your life and you have a husband and children that you know nothing about?  Talk about the unimaginable!

Although I am by no means a medical professional so others can critique here if they choose but the plot and reactions seemed realistic to me.  Candice went through a lot of emotion and a lot of not being able to control said emotions.  I think I would react in the exact same way if I was essentially thrown in to a life I had no memory or knowledge of.  I was with her along the entire journey.

I must pause a moment and spend some time on Jason.  Talk about the ultimate male character.  Thoughtful, sensitive, caring beyond words and did I mention extremely attractive?  The way he patiently cared for Candice without expecting anything in return was inspiring.  I have to say that I fell in love with him and he was actually the highlight of the story for me.  I can only hope that if I ever find myself in a similar situation that my husband is as sweet.

As this is an honest review I do have to point out one aspect of the story that got on my nerves a little bit.  All of the dialogue of Dawson was done in little kid speech impediment.  Seriously all his words had to be literally translated as they were spelled out how they sounded.  I do not think that this was necessary when it could have just been explained that he did not speak properly. 

I will not divulge the outcome of the story as I think you have to read it to know.  I do think that there may be a sequel so I will be keeping my eyes peeled to see how the rest of the story plays out.  Overall I would recommend this read

Random thought:  I have to say kudos to Austin for her little letter to the reader at the beginning of the story.  She had me in stitches with her comments on the amount of profanity used in the book.  The fact that she included the count for each swear word had me in stitches.  So reader beware that there is some but no a lot ;-)
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