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Review: Every Move She Makes by Jannine Gallant

No matter where she goes, he knows her every move…

Long ago, Rachel Carpenter was a glamorous soap star. She gave it all up to move to Napa Valley with her daughters to open up a bookstore near her family vineyard. Her life is safe and dependable, until she encounters Kane Lafferty at a wilderness camp in the rugged High Sierra. A burned-out police detective struggling with his own demons, Kane is instantly attracted to Rachel. And like Rachel, he isn’t sure if he’s ready to open up his heart. But everything is about to change…

Someone is watching from the darkness. A fanatic obsessed with Rachel for years has decided to claim what he believes is his. It will be up to Kane to not only protect his new love and her family, but to uncover the identity of the stalker before it’s too late for all of them…

ebook, 268 pages
Expected publication: March 31st 2015 by Lyrical Press

Terri's Thoughts

** I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Lyrical Press Kensington via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is March 31st 2015**

This book kept my attention captured so much that I read it in one sitting.  I think the main factor is that there was a real creep factor to the story.  I tend to shy away from creepy reads, not sure why as I enjoy them when I sit down with one, however this book was well balance between the romance and the creepy/suspense factor.

As the reader you do not get to see the perspective of the stalker very often but when you do it really makes your skin crawl.  The majority of the time the story is being told from Rachel and Kane's perspective and you only see the actions the stalker takes.  This was good for me since the story didn't get caught up in trying to be too weird.

I liked Kane and Rachel together from the start.  I also like that I did not have to endure the endless...I'm attracted to you but I can't be with you scenario that is so common.  The story focuses on how they have to cope with a new romance with all of the drama of a ready made family and a stalker.  I did not like having to read about the attitude of 14 year old Lark.  I would not tolerate her behavior at all but then again maybe that is the reason I don't have children.

This was a nice way to spend an afternoon immersed in some romance and suspense all in one.

Random thought:  The main character had a Golden Retriever which automatically makes me a little bit biased as they truly are the best dogs out there

About the Author

From her Goodreads profile

Write about what you know. I've taken this advice to heart, creating characters who live in small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors.

I grew up in Gasquet, a tiny town in Northern California, where as kids we swam in the river, ran wild in the woods, and rode our bikes everywhere we wanted to go. Now I live in Tahoe City with my husband, two daughters, and dog, Ginger. When I'm not busy writing or being a full time mom, I enjoy taking Ginger for hikes in the woods around our home.

Whether I'm writing romantic suspense, contemporary, or historical romance, I try to bring the beauty of nature to my stories.

I graduated from U.C. Davis with a double major in history and creative writing. Though I've worked in both the restaurant and ski industries, I never wanted to be anything but a writer. After many years of pursuing my passion, I've finally achieved success, proof positive that dreams do come true!



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