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Review: Patterns of Change by Terri DuLong

New York Times bestselling author Terri DuLong turns a new page in breezy Ormond Beach, Florida, where a woman looking for a fresh start discovers her dreams coming true in ways she never imagined…
Chloe Radcliffe was ready to shake the dust of Cedar Key off her feet and sink her toes into the warm sands of Ormond Beach with her soon-to-be husband. But when tragedy struck, she found herself alone, unraveled—and unsure where she belonged…

A series of vivid dreams of a Victorian house with a beautiful fishpond convince Chloe totake a leap of faith andrent a condo in Ormond Beach. There, she makes fast friends with a group of knitters and the owner of a tea shop, who also happens to have a house nearly identical to the one in Chloe’s dreams—and she’s willing to rent her the property. Just as Chloe begins casting on her grand plans for the home, her tangled past comes back to haunt her—but her dreams and newfound friends just might point her toward the love she’s been missing all along…

Paperback, 260 pages
Expected publication: November 24th 2015 by Lyrical Press
Terri's Thoughts

**I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is November 24th, 2015**

I am going to get it out of the way right up front that I struggled with this story.  I swear it was a couple hundred pages more than suggested above.  Here is the reason why...

For me there were simply too many characters and I couldn't keep them all straight.  Between Chloe's old friends and family in Cedar Key to the new army of friends she makes in Ormond beach, I really did not know who anyone was half the time.  Add to that the sheer number of people with names starting with M, Mavis, Maddie and Marta.  It was too confusing for me.  Also every character was so nice and welcoming that it made it difficult for me to differentiate them by their character traits.  I found myself re-reading passages several times

If you can get past all of the names and keep them straight, this is a story of forgiveness, friendship and love.  It is a story about jumping off the deep end and starting over.  It is about forging a new path and new friendships.  This aspect of the story was endearing and gave me a little bit of the warm and fuzzies.

If you are a person who can keep multiple characters straight then this could be a good read for you as it truly has a great heart to it.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that one of the main characters is a dog?  I can always tell when an author is a dog person (and if not then kudo's to the realism) when they have one as part of the daily part of a characters life. 

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