Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review: Four Nights at Sea (International Affairs #2)

Four days on the water . . .
Four nights in his arms . . .

Charlene “Charlie” Stanton doubts her maiden voyage on a lusty singles cruise will direct her sails toward love. But an unexpected lothario just might change the tide in her favor . . .

Charlie boarded the Cozumel-bound Lovers Sail cruise hoping for nothing more than writing an article that would make it into the pages of City Wings, a trendy travel magazine. Still recovering from a highly publicized divorce, love is the last thing on her mind—especially when she realizes she’s mistakenly booked herself a spot on a kink cruise. That is until she meets Ford, an outsider just like her, and he whips her attitude into submission. Despite rules limiting their interaction, he shows her a world where pleasure is encouraged, and nothing is forbidden. And with Ford as her anchor, she begins to wonder if she can turn four nights of fantasy into more nights of reality when the trip is over . . .

ebook, 288 pages
Published December 6th 2016 by Lyrical Press

Terri's Thoughts

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!  It was just released earlier this month.

I have to admit that I really struggled with this story and after many weeks thinking it over (yes it has taken me this long to write my review) I finally know why.  I read all genres of books and keep an open mind.  I entered in to this story knowing it was erotica and being comfortable with that fact however I really think I am not a fan of this genre.

Here is where my issue comes in.  While I am ok with sex in my stories, as well as the details, I also want a story to be told between the "bedroom" scenes.  For me, this story was all about the physical chemistry of Charlie & Ford and little about the substance.  I only blame myself, I mean the synopsis details that the story takes place on a kink cruise.  I just thought maybe there would be a story amongst the kink.  Sadly, IMHO there was not.

I do have to say there is one aspect that makes me giggle.  Although I tend not to be a cruise person and prefer other vacation possibilities, I have several friends and family who love it.  Now, whenever one of them tells me they booked a cruise, I will think of the one in this story.

So I must declare that I realize that I am not a fan of the erotica genre.  It is that or this book doesn't really represent the genre well.  Either way I will be a lot more cautious before selecting any further stories in the genre.  To be fair to the author, and fans of this genre, I do not think it would be fair for me to rate this book

About the Author

Demi Alex is a hopeless romantic who sits at her neighborhood café and fabricates stories of magical interludes between her fellow java worshipers. Even though romance rules her world, Demi's stories have a much spicier and more mature tone.

She enjoys her wild adventures, letting her imagination take flight as her hands pen tales of extreme sensuality in exotic locations. Traveling as often as work would allow her, Demi writes about her favorite spots, reflecting on her personal research of all her settings in order to make her stories speak to her readers. Her characters can be found in any town or city, but their attitude is what sets them apart. They let loose and experience what is thrown at them!

“What would life be, if we didn’t take a few risks along the way and place our hearts on the line? Boring! So come on-- let loose.” Demi invites all readers to send her scenarios on a ‘what if’ they had made a different choice and decision at a certain time. “If you write to me about that specific choice, and I can give you an alternate ending, I’ll name the character in the story according to your wish.”

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