Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Review: Texas Fire (Texas Heat #2) by Gerry Bartlett

Her father’s dream. Her crossroads. And a man who sees just her . . .

Megan Calhoun doesn’t stick with anything long. She’s the daughter of a billionaire—why pretend to be somebody else?

Until she finds out her father’s will says she has to. She has to last a year in the oil patch, in the dust and heat of West Texas, working for her daddy’s company. Otherwise she’s cut off without a cent—and no way to earn one.

The only upside is her new pal Rowdy Baker, ex-football star, Calhoun engineer, and grade-A stud. If she has to live in a trailer, his doesn’t sound so bad.

Rowdy knows the roughnecks running the rigs won’t take kindly to a smartass blonde rookie whose last name matches their paychecks. He can’t control his attraction to her. And with everyone from the foremen to the stockholders spitting mad at the Calhouns, he expects trouble ahead.

But Megan has never been scared in her life. And with Rowdy to help her plot, she has the chance of a lifetime: to find her calling, to fix her company, and, if she doesn’t screw it up—to capture a heart . . .

ebook, 280 pages
Expected publication: May 2nd 2017 by Kensington Lyrical Shine

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!  The expected publication date is May 2nd, 2017.

This is the second story in the Texas Heat series however I had not read the first.  I was able to follow and enjoy the storyline without reading the series in order however to be honest, I was really curious about the first story and think I will go back to read it as this series follows the Calhoun children as they try to salvage their fledgling company.  This theme that runs through the stories makes me want to follow each siblings story in order to determine how it will play out.  My assumption is that there will be more instalments to tell the story of the remaining siblings and we will eventually find out how the company fares.

This story was fun in the fact that pretty much anything that could go wrong, did.  From puppies thrown out of car windows (spoiler, don't worry, this works out), Tornado's, cactus prickle in unfortunate body parts and destroyed vehicles, you know you are in for a ride with this story.

The romance aspect of the story was also nice and light.  Although lacking the big aha or dramatic moment, it rather just played out, a nice departure from the regular formula.  Apart from his name, Rowdy was likable and a little bit swoon worthy.  Megan on the other hand was a character you could identify with as she struggled to find out what her place was and what skills she had to offer her family.

With a cast of interesting characters, I found myself speeding through this story and content with its outcome.  As previously mentioned, I am now curious as to how the story will play out and I will be watching for future releases of this series.

About the Author

Gerry Bartlett figures that vampires are pretty much like everyone else except for the liquid diet.

Eternity or Mexican food? Tough call.

Gerry’s a native Texan and lives halfway between Houston and Galveston with her rescue whippet, Jet. Pictured with her is her late wonder dog, a Bedlington Terrier named Belle.

When she started writing, she was still teaching and used the pseudonym Lynn McKay. You can probably still find her historical and two romantic suspense books for a penny on-line. Now that she’s no longer in the classroom and discovered the fun of writing about vampires, she uses her real name. Too bad some people think Gerry is a boy's name or short for Geraldine. No, it's not. Really.

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