Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Review: Pop Star (Pick Your Own Plot Bedventure #2) by Meredith Michelle


You are Honey Noble, this month’s Rock N Roll Magazine cover star, with a platinum debut album and swarms of devoted “Honey Bees.” Life has never been sweeter—or crazier, as you juggle a cross-country tour (traveling on your luxury Airstream tour bus), a clothing line, fabulous endorsements, and a relationship with gorgeous former boy-bander, Crispin Hershey.

But rumors are swirling about Crispin’s flirtation with pop’s bad girl, Trixie Sheer. And life on tour is opening up all kinds of intriguing possibilities for you, too . . .

Do you snoop into Crispin’s phone to discover the truth about Trixie?
Will a night in Vegas lead to a quickie wedding, a gambling debt, or a rehab stint?
Should you enjoy a fling with a sizzling backup dancer or reconnect with Han Lee, your Korean pop star ex—or is your soul mate someone closer to home?

Every choice has a juicy consequence, and the potential for steamy fun, fulfillment, tabloid scandal . . . or even a fatal misstep. The choice is yours . . .

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: May 30th 2017 by Lyrical Shine

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!  It is expected to be released on May 30th.

I was intrigued with the concept of this book as I was a big fan of choose your own adventure books in my youth.  I thought that it would be a great idea to add an adult spin to this concept and was curious to see how it played out.

The first issue I had may have been user error.  As I was reading this on my kindle app, I was not able to move to the designated pages when I was making my decisions on how to proceed when given the option.  As mentioned, this may be user error as I could not figure out how to get my kindle to display page numbers.  As a result, my first pass through the story I kept with the default options even though in many cases I may have chosen a different path.  Once I completed the story with the default, I then started over and played with the different options to see where the story would take me.

I struggled at first with the first person approach but soon got used to it.  The story was written in a way that was simplified and would be easier for a younger reader to follow with one big BUT.  As mentioned this story has adult content so although the writing was overly simplified, I would not recommend to a younger reader as there is a lot of adult content. 

As for the characters, Honey was written in a way that made her seem less emotionally intelligent than someone her age and stature in life would lead you to believe.  This caused me to lack empathy for her and some of her (or should I say my) decisions.

While this story did not really live up to expectations for me, it was still fun to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the idea of choosing the outcome of the story. 

About the Author

      A lifelong fan of pop culture and a Choose Your Own Adventure series aficionado, Meredith Michelle combined these two inspirations to create the Pick Your Own Plot Bedventure series. Meredith is a Washington DC native and lives in the DC suburbs with her husband and three children.

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