Thursday, 17 August 2017

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Love ite by Lynn Best

Love Bite
by Lynn Best

Blurb :
For fans of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, A Shade of a Vampire, and Rent-A-Dragon. It contains hot vampires, page-turning action, and steamy romance.

If sex had a smell, Armando Moreno had bottled it.

Brooklyn Ashbaugh doesn't think much of the spring break trip her college roommates drag her on until she meets Armando Moreno. With his sexy Latin accent, muscular body, and soulful eyes, he should be interested in runway models, not a twenty-one-year-old college student in discount jeans. Still, when he invites her up to his place, her body takes over, shutting out her better judgment. She never has one night stands. She knows better. Yet, something about this amazingly attractive man makes her lose her head.

And her clothes.

Later when she awakes, she finds herself discarded and bitten, infected with a disease that makes her crave blood and violence. Now, only the man responsible for her infection can unlock the mystery surrounding it. But can she control her primal urges long enough to stop the spread of infection before it destroys her town and her life?

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Snippet 1:
Brooklyn’s hands are shaking by the time she jerks the scooter to a stop in the driveway and jumps off the Vespa. If she can just get inside the house before the attack hits, everything will be fine.
           She whips her helmet from her head as she hurries toward the house, letting it clunk into the gravel. She loves that goddamned helmet, a 1950 vintage Hermes Pudding Bucket motorcycle helmet her father gave her four years ago on her high school graduation. And now it’s probably scratched. But she can’t worry about that now.
Not while she feels like killing someone.
Well, maybe killing them was the wrong word. Biting them. Ripping their flesh with her teeth.

Snippet 2:
From the shadows, a figure emerges. The first thing she notices is his height—six foot three or four—and his broad, athletic shoulders. When he steps into the glow of the club’s entrance, she sees how handsome he is, like a GQ model. Each feature looks like it has been carved from stone—a strong jawline, chiseled cheeks, and arched eyebrows that convey both intrigue and interest. His lips are red and full, the bottom one slightly larger than the top. On his wrist is an expensive watch. Around his neck, a leather thong necklace with some kind of symbol is nestled into the v of his short-sleeve Henley T-shirt. His jeans fit his muscular thighs like they were tailored for him.
Hallelujah, he’s handsome. She feels herself gravitating toward him, the place between her legs warming for the first time since arriving in Mexico.
Snippet 3 :
“One never can feel sad in the presence of such beauty.” His eyes trail from the sea to her face, studying her. “Like you, hermosa. How can I feel sadness when I look into your face?”
And yet his eyes betray a deep sadness she doesn’t understand.
She opens her mouth to ask him, but then he is kissing her, and she loses herself in him, his smell, his touch, his lips trailing down her throat to the hollow at the base. She groans, grinding her hips into him trying to quell the want that pooling there.
He picks her up, carrying her across the kitchen to the open doorway on the other side.

Author Bio:
Lynn is a seasoned writer with over a dozen books under her belt. She's been writing for years under another name and is excited to try something new. With multiple awards and Amazon best sellers to her credit, she's pleased lots of fans in many genres. She's loved paranormal romance before Twilight. She's also a wife,  mother and avid Pinterest obsessionist.


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