Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Review: Christmas on Thin Ice by Holly Blair

Lily Jordan doesn’t need help from anyone. Sure, she’s pregnant and her golf pro ex just ran off with someone else. To make matters worse, her family’s Christmas tree farm is about to go under. But she doesn’t need to be rescued by another man, especially an athlete.

Newly retired hockey player Noah Wright hopes to find peace for himself and his young daughter out of the limelight and back in his old hometown of Juniper Falls. But he runs into Lily and wants nothing more than to fix her problems.

Lily’s bound and determined to take care of herself, no matter what. But Noah knows they belong together, and this time, he’s playing for keeps.

Novella-length romance, approximately 22,000 words. 

Kindle Edition, 98 pages
Published December 22nd 2016 
Series: Juniper Falls #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kristine's Thoughts:

Christmas on Thin Ice is the second novella in the Juniper Falls series but can be read as a stand alone. It is about completely different characters but takes place in the same town of Juniper Falls.

I said it with the first book and I'll repeat it with this one. It is the town of Juniper Falls that I liked most about this story. The sleepy little resort town sounded like a beautiful place to be around the holiday season and Lily's family Christmas Tree Farm sounded like an absolute delight.

Novellas are so short that stories tend to happen fast and it is sometimes hard to fully feel the chemistry between the characters. It is also hard to develop characters fully and I feel like that happened a bit with Lily and Noah. Their story was cute but I felt the chemistry was lacking slightly due to the length of the story. There were also a pretty major barrier that was glazed over in the interest of keeping the story short and sweet. A little more attention, in my opinion, needed to be put on Lily's pregnancy and the baby daddy leaving. She seemed pretty quick to jump into another relationship. However, this was a novella and it was a quick story about two would be lovers that took place in a beautiful setting over the Christmas season. It was meant to entertain and it did just that.

As with the first novella in this series, it was pretty squeaky clean with kissing being the only thing described in detail. This story is pretty safe for most ages.

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