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Review: A Crazy Kind of Love by Mary Ann Marlowe

Celebrities hold zero interest for photographer Jo Wilder. That's a problem, since snapping pics of the stars is how the pretty paparazza pays the rent. So when Jo attempts to catch a money shot atop the broad shoulders of a helpful bystander, the only thing she notices about the stranger she straddles is that he's seriously hot. Only later does Jo learn that he's also Micah Sinclair--one of rock's notorious bad boys...

Soon Jo is on the verge of getting fired for missing a Micah Sinclair exclusive. Until she's suddenly being pursued by the heartthrob himself. But how can she be sure the musician's mind-blowing kisses are the real deal? Her colleagues claim he's a media whore, gambling on some free PR. But something has Jo hoping Micah's feeling the same powerful pull that she does. A pull so strong, she can't resist becoming his latest love, even if it means she might become the media's latest victim . . .

Published November 28th 2017 by Kensington Publishing Corporation

Terri's Thoughts

I had received this as an advanced copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  As the busy holiday season has taken me away from my reviews, I am just getting around to writing this now.

Although not advertised as a series, this story seems to be a follow up to Marlowe's previous story Some Kind of Magic.  I had not read that story and was able to read this as a stand alone however I do warn there were a couple of moments when I wish I knew the backstory of Eden who the first book featured.

I won't spend a lot of time on the plot as I feel the synopsis does a good assessment of what the story is about.  I liked the idea behind Jo and Micah.  It made me think, in reality, would a paparazzi and a star really find their way in to each others lives?  Not very likely however this was fiction and provides us with a fantasy.  I also liked that Jo was clearly not cut out for her line of business.  From my admittedly limited knowledge, the paparazzi are ruthless and it would take a certain personality and drive to be successful on that career path and Jo did not possess these qualities.

Overall, a good story

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