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Review: Player's Game by Desirae Clark

And when I turned around, I expected to see my annoying little sisters but was instead greeted by a familiar face. In the threshold stood Parker Brady with a devious smirk on his face and the looks of a god.

Samantha Valentine’s life turns upside down when she finds out her family is returning to her old town, Scottsdale. It took her a while to make the city her home, and now all of that is for naught, as she has to learn to settle in a quiet town again.

Parker Brady is perfectly happy to make a mess of his life after his best friend, Samantha, left him. He felt betrayed by his most trusted friend, and now he doesn’t care about anyone anymore. The only thing that matters to him is getting girls.

The two are not so thrilled when they meet after years of being away. Old grudges resurface from the past.

Will Samantha and Parker restore their broken friendship? Or will something else rise from its ruins? 

Kindle Edition, 186 pages
Published December 25th 2017 by BLVNP Incorporated 
Genre: YA/Contemporary

Kristine's Thoughts:

** I received an advanced readers copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**

Whenever I discuss a book I like to mention all the positives first. I am a pretty easy person to please and I tend to be quite generous with my ratings. Unfortunately I can't be with this book. It was just garbage and there is no kind way to say it. It was filled with so many inconsistencies and had such poor sentence structure that I was tempted to quit reading part way through.

Let me just mention some of the ridiculous inconsistencies and plot points that led me to my distaste.

1. Samantha's twin sisters were fourteen and the way they were discussed in the book you would think they were four. I was literally cringing.

2. While on the subject of age, it was said that Samantha was four years older than the twins. That would make her eighteen. At first I thought it's possible to be eighteen and still in high school, she must be in her final year. No! At the end it talked about how she would be entering her senior year. What??

3. This brings us to school. No principal in the history of any school ever would allow students to stay separately from the rest of the students on a school sponsored field trip. Yet it easily happened in this story.

4. Three months into her new school, Samantha still did not know her schedule or her friends and I had to read about it over and over.

5. Can you say absentee mom? They are living in town for 3 months and the mom has to leave on business for a few days to a few months and leaves the twins with their friends family. Can you also say neglect and call the authorities?

6. Samantha has a big "bullies are bad" moment with a cheerleader when she was one the biggest bully of all for most of the story.

7. A convenient school exchange where her old and new friends end up in the same school in which she is mean and mad at her old friends. Why? Because they grew apart? Lost contact? The only person I understood her anger towards was her ex.

8. The whole story with Sam and Parker made no sense. The reasons they were so angry at each other were so juvenile and insignificant.

I'll stop here. You get the picture and I could easily come up with a few pages more.

Basically this book felt like it was being penned by someone very young who has not experienced any real life lessons or struggles. It was way too unrealistic and the happenings were so boring and insignificant that I struggle to even tell you what it was meant to be about. There was a real lack of maturity with the plot and very little character development. I wasn't able to connect or care about any of the characters and I hated Samantha.

This book was definitely not for me. I feel bad for being so harsh but I agree to be honest when I am given books to read and I'm just being honest.

About the Author
Desirae Clark is a student from Slovenia. When not spending time on Wattpad, she likes to daydream about books and fictional characters.

Her favorite activities are writing, book buying and reading - though book hangovers are her "best friends" and constant companions. She is absolutely in love with Scotland and would wish to study there in the future.

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