Monday, 16 September 2013

Review: Broken Wings (Starfire Angels: Dark Angels Chronicles #2)

One Shirukan, an elite soldier of the Shirat Empire, came to Earth for Raea's Starfire shard and failed.

Aware of the possibility of another attack, Raea trains to use the shard's power to protect it while preparing to graduate from high school. But she discovers that the Keeper training her has betrayed her trust and must decide where her heart belongs. She never imagined that distance from him would mean a universe apart.

After the Shirukan attack, she wakes up on the Inari homeworld among those whose loyalties she questions. To return home, she must reach the Crystal Keeper known as Saffir. First, she must elude the thousands of Shirukan between her and freedom.

Paperback, 208 pages
Published August 7th 2010 by Createspace

Terri's Review

I purchased the second installment of the Dark Angels Chronicles after downloading the first book for free on my kindle.

This picked up right where the first one left off from a time perspective and the story begins with a perceived betrayal from Elis.  I did have a hard time with Raea's reaction to this apparent betrayal as it seemed a little far fetched to me.  This is however the launching point of the entire story.

It was interesting to experience the home land of Raea through her eyes in this installment. A mix of fantasy and imagination.  The best part of her adventures in the other world were the heartbreaking reactions of those that she left behind on earth.  This was the best part of the story in my opinion.

The whole story evolves over a period of four days.  As mentioned in the book description Raea is being chased by thousands of Shurikan who are trying to capture her shard from her while she is trying to find a way home.  This is where the story falls a little short.  Her journey home felt a little too easy and the conflict scenes too "glazed" over.  Although I am not a big fan of violent or confrontational scenes I felt that there needed to be more detail/close calls around the escapes in order to make them more believable.

That being said it was a great heartwarming ending to the story.  I will be continuing on with the series even though I am not sure where it can go from here.  A solid 3.5.


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