Thursday, 15 May 2014

Feature and Follow Friday #28

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This week's question is...

What are your non-book guilty pleasures? Like TV shows, food, websites, hobbies, etc.
Again it appears we've answered the wrong question...sorry.

 Terri's Answer

This is a really tough question.  Outside of reading, travelling and family time there is not really a lot that I indulge in. hmmmmmmmmmm...let me see.

I do enjoy celebrity gossip magazines.  I will make it be known that I never buy them....I just read them while in line at the grocery store.  I never get cranky in a long line up while learning what the latest train wreck is wearing and what the latest scandal is.  Oh wait....I guess that can be considered a reading guilty pleasure, I'm not sure it qualifies.

I will also admit that until recently the TV show the Bachelor was a guilty pleasure.  Not because I believe that true love can be found but I find it hilarious (and sad) what some people will do for love...or is it 15 minutes of fame? bawl your eyes out on camera for having your heart ripped out because your true love who you just met and have not exchanged more than 5 words has dumped you?  Pure entertainment and a comical study in human behaviour.  Sadly even the laughs got old and I have tuned out recently.  Until the next totally cheesy entertainment crosses my path......

Kristine's Answer

Oooh...I forgot about the Bachelor. It is also one of my guilty pleasures. I didn't watch it last season because I wasn't a fan of Juan Pablo (was that his name?) but I will more than likely catch the next one. As Terri stated, it is pure comic relief. I am also obsessive about watching HGTV. House Hunter International is one of my favourite but I enjoy watching all of the home improvement ones as well. They almost never pick the house that I like best and I shake my head at some of the home improvements but it doesn't stop me from watching. Sometimes I will put it on without the volume so that I can read but look up every now and then to see what they are doing. I have found that you don't really need to hear what they are saying on those shows to still follow along.

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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who did this question, as it was listed last week as this week's question. I've never gotten into the Bachelor much, but my sisters watch it religiously so I have some inkling what it's all about. I enjoy reading EW magazine. Does that count as celebrity gossip? Probably. :D Happy Friday!
    My FF

  2. Hi! Nice to meet you! Great Blog!

    Visit me at

  3. I also don't have many guilty pleasures besides reading and TV. I guess food! LOL I have only watched the Bachelor a few times but it was an entertaining time!

    New GFC, facebook, and twitter follower!

    My FF

  4. New Follower :-)
    My guilty pleasure is pop music, usually boybands!!
    Kirsty @ All in One Place
    My FFF

  5. whoops my link hasn't worked!

  6. I originally did the question too. Had it all set to post and then changed it once I saw it had been changed. O'well. Criminal Minds is my guilty pleasure. I love that show!
    <a href="”>My FFF</a>

  7. I think my guilty pleasure is hockey.
    Existing follower on Bloglovin', New follower on GFC
    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

  8. I never could get into the Bachelor, a lot of people love it though! New follower on Bloglovin

  9. I used to watch The Bachelor, but now I don't watch much "live" TV at all. I watch shows on Netflix with my husband like Buffy and Doctor Who. When I'm not reading. ;)

    Old follower
    My FF @ Donnie Darko Girl