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Review: Less Than Nothing by R.E. Blake

Sage’s life as a teenage runaway in San Francisco is simple: Snatch a few hours of sleep on park benches and bus stops; dodge perverts, predators, and cops; and make enough as a street musician to eat. But her world flips upside down when she meets Derek – hot, tattooed, and charming, a singer from Seattle whose looks and talent take her breath away.

What begins as a reluctant partnership quickly develops into a cross-country race against time - and awakens a hunger in Sage that’s unfamiliar and exciting.

As they travel from coast to coast, Sage and Derek pursue their dream, only to discover that they can never run far enough to escape the demons from their pasts.

ebook, 249 pages
Expected publication:  October 7th 2014 by Reprobatio, Ltd

Terri's Thoughts 

**I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Reprobation via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is October 7, 2014**

This was a YA/NA read that has broken the mold from the other stories I have read.  While there is the typical loved story it puts the romance on the back burner and focuses on the actual story of the characters lives and the demons and obstacles they need to overcome.  I thought this was brilliant and added a layer of depth that is sometimes missing in the YA/NA genre. 

Both characters are homeless and struggling to get by.  Both are used to counting on only themselves.  The reader is taken on the journey as they learn to team up and rely on each other to chase a dream.  While it was a dream Derek knew he had, it was one Sage never knew she had nor dared to even have a dream.

I found it interesting how the two of them made it across the country, with highs and lows, to make it on time to enter a singing contest.  Also entertaining was the descriptions of the actual contest which reminded me of the numerous musical contests we see everyday on television right up to the cranky judge.

Ultimately this was a story of learning to rely on others and accepting who they are ghosts and all.  Also a story about family and forgiveness and the search for a better life.  Altogether it results in an entertaining read that is slightly more emotional and with more impact than the average.  Although I felt the ending was a little glossed over and "easy" I thought it was an excellent read.

I will be sure to check out other work by Blake.  While writing this review I realized that there are two more instalments of this book to follow.  I must, must, must get my hands on them.  There are so many directions the story can go from here and I want to see how the relationship between Sage and Derek grows! 

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