Thursday, 8 January 2015

Review: Revealing Ruby by Lavinia Kent

Unmasked by smoldering desire, a rigidly disciplined madame gives in to the ultimate temptation in Lavinia Kent’s seductive new eBook original novella.

As the proprietress of London’s most discreet house of pleasure, Madame Rouge—Ruby to her clientele—prefers to keep her own company. The first rule in her establishment? She never, ever personally entertains the customers. However, the tall, dark, and provocatively tattooed American sailor who shows up on her doorstep makes Ruby wonder whether some rules were made to be broken. If she indulges, even just once, Ruby’s loyal patrons might get the wrong idea. If she doesn’t, she may never stop fantasizing about where that tattoo leads. . . .

No complications: That’s all Derek Price, captain of the Dawn’s Light, asks of his consorts on shore, and he’s willing to pay handsomely for the favor. But of all the women at Madame Rouge’s, the one he wants is the only one he can’t have, for any sum. Derek is not a man with an abundance of patience. However, for a night with Madame Rouge, Ruby, whoever she is, he’s willing to make those lush curves and sapphire eyes come to him.

ebook, 98 pages
Expected publication: January 20th 2015 by Loveswept 
Genre: Erotica/Historical Fiction

Kristine's Thoughts:

I received an ARC from Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! The expected publication date is January 20, 2015.

This is book 1.5 in the Bound and Determined series but reads as a stand alone novella. At only 98 pages my only expectation was to get lost for a short time in a quick story. This book did just that. My thoughts will be brief on this title because there is only so much you can say without telling the whole story in a novella.

Basically this story is about Madame Rouge (Ruby) and Derek Price a client she encounters at her establishment. Ruby has strict rules about fraternising with her clients but finds herself instantly attracted to Derek and his dragon tattoo. When he comes to her with a problem regarding her establishment, sparks fly and the chemistry is beyond description. The only things I can say to describe it is hot, hot, hot! There is not much of a plot to speak of but more a story of character development. Through their conversations (when not busy with other things) you get a sneak peak at their lives while still being somewhat kept in the dark. It left me wanting to know more about them. It ends with a cliffhanger and leaves you anxious for the next instalment.

Overall I enjoyed this brief story and and I am anxious for the next instalment to learn more about these two characters and where their story will go. I have a feeling that it will be even better than this sneak peek at them! 

About the Author
I live in Washington, DC with my husband, kids, two cats and a changing menagerie of other small beasts.

I worked in both the arts and in the business world before giving into my love of story telling after the birth of my oldest -- although it wasn't until after the birth of my youngest when I suddenly had full-time childcare that it all came together for me.

I love discussing books -- almost any books at any time.

One of my great joys is having my children get old enough that we can all read the same things and talk. I am so happy that YA is the flourishing world that it is.

And of course I love Romance. I started back with Kathleen Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsay and have never given them up since -- although there were a few slow spots along the way. (From Goodreads)

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