Sunday, 21 June 2015

Review: Just Sacked by Elise Sax

Layla has been working at her family’s bar since she was five years old. But it’s more than a bar. It’s home. Now with her family gone and debts piling up, her bar is repossessed and taken over by local businessman Hank Taylor. Hank offers Layla a deal: If she can win a drinking contest, she can have the bar back. Layla’s never lost a drinking contest in her life, but after an evening swigging back whiskey, she and Hank wake up together, naked and handcuffed in Mexico. Getting home offers dangerous adventure, and it’s a toss up whether Hank and Layla will get back before they kill each other or fall in love.

Just Sacked is the sexy and hilarious fourth novella in the five-part Wish Upon A Stud series. Each novella is roughly 100 pages with no cliffhanger.

Wish Upon A Stud...A happy ending is just a coin toss away. 

Kindle Edition, 103 pages
Published September 20th 2014 
Series: Wish Upon A Stud #4

Kristine's Thoughts:

I would think that by the time I got to the fourth book that I would be sick of the style, writing and humour of one author but that is just not the case. Although I found this one a little more on the crazy side instead of the crazy funny side I can honestly say that I still can't get enough. I'm kind of upset that there is only one more novella after this one because I am enjoying them that much.

At roughly 100 pages I can't really say a whole lot about the story except that it is really out there with the plot and humour. I have come to the realisation that Sax has the ability to make me smile and laugh out loud with pretty much anything she writes. These novellas have been the perfect solution for me when I need something to entertain myself without any lengthy time commitment. Hank and Layla's story will leave you shaking your head but with giant smile.

About the Author

Elise Sax worked as a journalist for fifteen years, mostly in Paris, France. She took a detour from journalism and became a private investigator before trying her hand at writing fiction. She lives in Southern California with her two sons. An Affair to Dismember was her first novel.

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