Monday, 25 January 2016

Review: Bringing Delaney Home (Cates Brothers #1) by Lee Kilraine

In the sleepy town of Climax, North Carolina, all five Cates brothers are known for being tall, dark, and delicious. But each has his own incomparable love story...Quinn Cates has known Delaney Lyons forever. But after years away from home, Delaney's a changed woman. A mysterious accident she refuses to talk about has left her hurting--in body and soul--and acting out in dangerous, and occasionally entertaining, ways.

Quinn's on the local police force, so he's used to dealing with troublemakers. This one's pretty incorrigible--but he suspects her flippant exterior is hiding something softer and deeper inside. Every time he has to rescue Delaney from herself, his heart and his hormones both go into overdrive. But he owes it to Delaney's sister to keep an eye on her. He's got some experience with that after spending so much time at it back in high school...

Delaney just wants to fend off the gossips, fight off the pain of her past, and make her escape once again. But Officer Cates is ordering her not to leave town, and his interrogation techniques can be very persuasive...

Paperback, 222 pages
Expected publication: February 2nd 2016 by Lyrical Press, Inc

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is February 2nd.

I will begin with the highlights of this story.

1.  Snot the dog.  Although he really only made a brief appearance in the story he really captured my heart.  A dog that gets super excited around humans however cannot control his coordination resulting in numberous collisions with the wall?  priceless.  Also a face only a mother could love, I had one of those once and I thought she was the most beautiful creature.

2.  Marcus.  I loved how he was the only one who did not put up with Delaney's crap.  When everyone else was coddling her he was challenging her.  Sometimes the honesty of teenagers is priceless.

3.  Quinn's mother.  Her presence and family devotion was heartwarming.

Now for the not so great aspects of the book.

I could not really get Delaney to grow on me.  I realize that she was in a dark place after a traumatic event however I just wanted to slap her.  Maybe if the story showed what she used to be like I would have been more in tune with her.  Since it did not all I saw was a mouthy person who was feeling sorry for herself more than she needed to.  She was harboring some emotional baggage not related to her accident that I felt should have been resolved years earlier.

At the end of the day I really wanted to like this story however it fell short for me.  Perhaps if more of the characters I mentioned as highlights were present in greater quantity I would have enjoyed it better.

About the Author

Lee Kilraine is a 2014 Golden Heart® Finalist for her debut contemporary romance, BRINGING DELANEY HOME, the first book in her Cates Brothers Series. If you enjoy Quinn’s story, she hopes you’ll be on the lookout for his brothers, Sijan and Tynan. She loves reading and writing stories with a HEA and if they make her laugh...well, that's perfect.

Lee lives in the pine woods of North Carolina. When she isn't typing away on her computer with her golden retriever, Harley, destroying something at her feet, you might find her on her front porch swing plotting her next book while guarding her garden from the local gang of deer. She has a weakness for dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, red wine and Alpha heroes.

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