Saturday, 16 January 2016

Review: Falling Grace (Storybook Lake #2) by Melissa Shirley

ebook, 199 pages
Expected publication: February 2nd 2016 by Lyrical Shine

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is February 2nd, 2016

If I am going to be completely honest about this story I must admit that the most overwhelming wors to describe how I felt about it is angry.

The story for me had as much of a split personality as the twins featured in it.  I was really excited at the start of this story.  It appeared to have a really interesting love triangle and a beefy plot about a child who was murdered in her bed.  I couldn't believe this story was only 199 pages as I felt there were so many directions this storyline could go and all of them involved long intricate plots.

Unfortunately the storyline took a turn part of the way through and almost all of the characters just suddenly became train wrecks.  Grace had a problem with alcohol...which was not previously mentioned and seemed completely random.  The twins had secrets that were really far fetched.  The part where Grace went home seemed to drag on to the point that I thought (and somewhat still do) that the story must be longer than advertised. 

What started out with a main character that was strong, sassy and take no prisoners turned in to a character that was so messed up it was laughable.  The reason I was so pulled in to start with was taken away from me and just left me feeling kind of empty.  Also, I had the who dunnit part of the story figured out from the beginning.

If I were to base my rating of this story on the first third, it would have rated very strong.  The book started strong and I had thought, finally a romance with some meat to the plot.  Unfortunately the rest of the story deteriorates my opinion.

About the Author

    As an author, Melissa Shirley believes in fairytales, happily ever after, and destiny. Born and raised in Illinois, and a mother of eight, she lives with her husband and three youngest children in a quiet town in the southern part of the state where she spends her time writing and watching her children grow into the people she has always dreamed.

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  1. Ahh, it really annoys me when a book that started strong fell flat afterwards. Thanks for your review, I've seen this book around so I guess I won't be rushing to review it anytime soon. :/ Thanks for your review!