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Review: Plain Jayne by Laura Drewry

Worn out from the long drive back home, Jayne Morgan can only smirk at the irony: Of course the first person she sees from her old life is Nick Scott. Once best friends, they lost touch when Jayne left town at eighteen, but nothing could keep them apart forever. Jayne has returned to take over her grandmother’s bookstore, determined to put all her bittersweet memories and secret disappointments strictly in the past—until, that is, Nick insists she bunk at his place.

Nick never did care what people thought about having a girl for a best friend—or the “scandal” she caused by showing up to his wife’s funeral four years earlier—so he’s got no problem with the gossips now. Jayne was always the one person he could count on in his life. Now Nick is starting to realize that he never wants her to leave again . . . and that being “just friends” isn’t going to be enough anymore.

ebook, 336 pages
Expected publication: April 8th 2014 by Loveswept 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kristine's Thoughts:

I received an advanced readers copy of this book from Random House Publishing Group- Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank You!

Just when I was craving a super cute read I found one! It was one of the better friend to lover books that I have read in a while. I won't re-tell the story because I don't want to ruin it for everyone, instead I will share my thoughts on it.

What I liked...

Each chapter began with a quote from an eighties movie and there were numerous references to songs from the eighties. Every time a new one popped up I found myself smiling and remembering it like it was yesterday.

I loved the friendship between Jayne and Nick. 25 years of friendship made for some pretty interesting and funny banter between the two of them. The love and devotion between them was what dreams are made of. Who wouldn't want a friend that has your back through thick and thin? The chemistry was dripping off the pages and I found myself routing for them and hoping they would get their acts together and realise that they belong together. They were both strong characters that I could easily like.

Although there was a ton of chemistry the book was not filled with trashy sex scenes which would have cheapened a very sweet story. Nick and Jayne's friendship was 25 years strong and jumping into bed would have taken away from my enjoyment.

The book was filled with quirky, likeable characters from Nick's cousin and sister to Jayne's girlfriends.

Lastly, the book takes place while Jayne is re-doing and opening a book store! Whats not to like about that?

What I didn't like...

Nick lost his wife four years prior to where the story takes place and I found it odd that he wasn't more  damaged from it and that the story wasn't more of a focus. It was like she was gone...end of story.

As much as I loved the build up of Nick and Jayne's relationship there did come a point where I wished they would just get their act together and admit their feelings for each other. It dragged on a little longer than I would have liked.

I enjoyed all the eighties references but I did find it a little odd that they were referenced when both Nick and Jayne would of lived their teenage years in the 90's.

Overall it was a cute, light story of friendship and love that I am glad to have had the pleasure of reading.

About the Author
The first book Laura ever owned was On the Banks of Plum Creek, which still sits up on the top shelf with the rest of the Little House series. She blames her mother for her book addiction because it was her mother who always had (still has) a couple books on the go, and who used to read and watch The Edge of Night at the same time.
Laura had been scribbling things for years before she decided to seriously sit down and write. It helped that she and her husband had just moved 700 km away from their families, it was the dead of winter and she was about 49 months pregnant with their second child, all of which gave her the excuse she needed to hunker down and get at it.

That first book will never ever ever see the light of day again, but it was a launching pad for her second addiction – writing. Her books have been described as "delightful," "clever," and "smart, sassy and refreshingly different ."

After spending eight years in the Canadian north, Laura now lives back home in southwestern British Columbia with her husband, three sons, a turtle named Sheldon and an extremely energetic German Shepherd. She loves old tattered books, good movies, country music and the Yankees.

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