Sunday, 30 March 2014

Review: Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee

I traded my death for love. I wasn’t given a choice. His decision has caught up with us, so now I am a living, breathing catalyst to war between Heaven and Hell.

The violations he committed saved my life. Since the collision, he’s appeared everywhere. In my hospital room, my school, even my house. He shows up in my paintings, my drawings, in all of my art projects. I can’t stop thinking about him.

He says his name is Gabriel, and he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He doesn’t know how I can see him or why he wants me in ways that should be impossible for a Celestial.

My obsession grows. I need him to hold me, kiss me—give all of himself. For every day he protects me, the consequences loom darker and taller. Soon, they’ll crash down on us.

The war is about to begin.

ebook, 362 pages
Published February 24th 2014 by The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Kristine's Thoughts:

Shattering Halos is Sunniva Dee's debut novel and I think fans of paranormal romance are going to devour it. If this book is any indication of what her future work will look like then we are in for a real treat!

Let me just say that this book grabs you from the very first page. I was hooked! Gaia is lying injured at the side of a horrific accident in which she was a passenger and everyone else was killed. She looks up and sees a beautiful man sitting beside her, watching her, and somehow comforting her without a touch or word. He then shows up in her hospital room and school. What??? She should be dead but she's not. If that doesn't grab your attention then I don't know what will. In fact I was so intrigued that I was plowing through the story until my kindle died and I had to take a break. Even still, I was able to finish it in one day.

This is ultimately a love story between two people that should not be together and the havoc it creates because of it. There is something to be said about the characters trying so hard to be good and stay apart that makes you want them to be together even more. I was routing for them along the way and hopeful that they could find a way to give in to their desires. It is written in an easy to understand style that readers of all ages can enjoy although there is some descriptive sexual content.

I have never read a story about guardian angels before but let me just say that Gabriel would be my top pick if I had one for myself. That is if I was younger...not married...and didn't have kids. He was definitely swoon worthy and I'm sure many young readers will discover a new book boyfriend in him. Gaia was likeable as well but at times I found her a little too immature and naive. I chalked it up to her age and the unbelievable situation she found herself in. Gabriel's brother, although he was a Fallen and not so good, was interesting to me as well. I think a second book continuing his story would be wonderful...hint...hint...nudge...nudge.

All in all it was a great and imaginative debut novel that allowed me to escape reality for a few hours.

About the Author

I write New Adult fiction with a paranormal twist and don’t shy away from romance and heart-wrenching passion when necessary.

I moved from Norway to the United States in 2001, and the first awesome five years I spent in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Then I read “The Book”, aka, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It caused me to drag my husband, my youngest child, and our menagerie of animals cross country to beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

I'm currently on my sixth year in the Deep South. Here, we enjoy the heat and the humidity. Besides writing, I spend my time giggling and/or rolling my eyes at the “petting zoo,” as in an opinionated parrot, cats that are experts on keyboard shortcuts, and puppies that … uh, bark.

I hold a Master's degree in languages, with concentrations within literature and linguistics. For ten years, I taught at university level, before settling in as a graduate adviser at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


  1. Sounds great! About a "love story between two people that should not be together and the havoc it creates" -- that sold me! Adding it to my TBR! Thanks for sharing! :-)
    Megan @ Books i View

  2. I read this in a day!! Amazing xx