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Review: Unrequited by Truth Devour

The interwoven complexities of life follow Talia Jacobs across time. In spite of the endless challenges, she leverages remarkable strength of character to pursue clear-sighted goals to achieve her dreams. Talia has been witness to more than just the mystical Seven Wonders of the World. She has swum in open oceans, hiked majestic mountains, chanted with monks, shared laughter and a meal with the poor, yet in slumber the echoes of voices calling out her name haunt her. Visions appear as a graveyard of unrequited souls left in her wake, aching for her return. What has she become? All Talia desires is wrapped up in the image of a ghost. She wants to believe he exists, her soul mate, the yin to her yang. If only she believed in fairytales.

Paperback, 246 pages
Published October 29th 2013 by Publicious Self-Publishing 
Kristine's Thoughts:

* I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.*

I have to begin by saying that when I entered for a copy of this book I had no idea that it was a sequel as it was mentioned nowhere in the giveaway blurb. Had I known, I would not have requested a copy because I had not read the first book. I decided to read it regardless figuring that there would be enough details to follow along. BIG, BIG mistake as there were no clues or references that I could tell as to the story leading up to this book. Perhaps if I read the first book it would impact my rating on this book but I highly doubt it. After reading Unrequited I have no desire to go back and read the first book or any book that may follow it. I feel bad saying this but it was a hot mess.

I found that I really disliked Talia and considered not finishing the book after each chapter that my opinion remained the same. I think the intend was for her to be a person of good and kindness but she came across as condescending, selfish, a know it all, and above everyone else. Although she did some good things they all seemed to be guided by selfish, self-serving motives. She had no respect for different cultures, professionals and the people closet to her yet people seemed to fall over themselves in love with her and she knew it. Why? I question I cannot answer.

The book was all over the map and I don't just mean as in geography. Numerous different subjects were introduced and I failed to see how it connected one story. Throughout each chapter and plot change I hoped to connect in some way with Talia and for the story to redeem itself but it just didn't happen. There were two things that Talia did that I just couldn't get past although there were many others that were just plain annoying. The first was jumping into bed with a complete stranger in India after saying only two sentences. The first sentence was an introduction and the second was a comment on how well he spoke English. That was it before she was agreeing to go home with him. Hello...stanger/unprotected sex...this is how diseases can happen regardless of what country you are in. Not something to be promoting! The second thing that I couldn't get past was her stupid exercise about what animal best describes you that she did at her conference with influential business people. It was so condescending and anyone above a grade two level would never fall for that trick. It was just so juvenile and did nothing to the story but make it appear that she thought herself better and smarter than everyone in the room.

I feel terrible that I disliked the book so much and I recognise all of the hard work that the author must have went through to write it but it just was not for me.

Truth Devour


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