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Review: No Breaking My Heart (Barefoot William #5) by Kate Angell

Professional baseball player Halo Todd doesn't like failure, but he can never turn down a challenge. Especially when there's a pretty woman involved. How else would he end up dressed as a rooster, helping a complete stranger compete on a wacky game show? Even when they're eliminated after the first round, Halo isn't about to lose the girl…

Alyn is stunned when gorgeous, generous Halo whisks her off for a dream vacation to the beach--she's been let down by friends and even family so many times, she's lost count. Later, he offers to lend a hand getting her vintage shop up and running. But his constant--and ridiculous--purchases are the last thing she needs. How can she convince the stubborn man that she doesn't need his help--not when all she wants is his heart…

ebook, 288 pages
Expected publication: July 26th 2016 by Kensington

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book by the publisher Kensington in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is July 26th, 2016.

As you can tell by the title, this appears to be the 5th installment of the Barefoot Williams series.  I have not read any of the previous stories and it was not required for the enjoyment of this story.  My only thought is how did I not discover this series until now?!  It is pure fun.

The highlight of the story for me was the town in which the story takes place (Barefoot William).  What a fun town.  With the boardwalks along the ocean and the eclectic stores and festival like atmosphere I found myself wishing I was there.  This town, much like the story, was a great vacation from real life.

The story of how Alyn and Halo met was also unique.  Perfect strangers competing on a game show as a couple.  You know right from the onset that there is more in store for these two and as the synopsis suggest, there is. What was refreshing was how slow the two took their relationship and how both of them prioritized their relationship with Alyn's brother.

There is also a great cast of supporting characters, some of which I am sure were featured in some of the earlier stories in the series.  I must go back and read what transpired with these characters.  I also liked that there was a secondary story with a second romance playing out throughout this book
Last but not least was Quigley.  If you are a dog lover, you will love his story.  The poor pooch had so much to overcome and the way Alyn and Halo doted on him was priceless.  I can definitely identify as my dog is the center of my world.

I enjoyed this story a lot.  It was fun, light and a complete joy to read.  I simply must now see what the rest of the series holds.

About the Author

(from her website)

I live in Beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. I love the sunshine, as well as the seasonal summer thunderstorms. I'm a morning person. I enjoy brunch. I'm an animal lover and avid reader. I laugh a lot. My birthday's in March, I'm an Aries. My favorite color is purple. My lucky number is 25. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My office has lots of plants: bamboo, Elephant Ear, and TickleMe. I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers each week. I enjoy going to the movies. Try to read a book each week. Love museums. Can make popcorn a meal. Love Starbucks. I eat Rice Krispies for the 'snap, crackle, pop'. I spend hours at book stores. Like Saturday morning cartoons. Watch General Hospital. Favorite evening TV shows include: Castle, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory. Reality TV: Dancing With the Stars, Big Brother, Survivor. I've been fortunate to have the same editor throughout my career: the very innovative and savvy Alicia Condon. Authors I read outside romance: Carl Hiaasen, Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington series), and Richard Castle.

MY PHILOSOPHY: Out of chaos comes calmness. Appreciate the peace!

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