Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Shadow Wife by Diane Chamberlain

It is not a love Joelle D'Angelo would ever have chosen. But it is one she can't deny.
Joelle D'Angelo's best friend, Mara, is left with brain damage after she suffers an aneurysm during the delivery of her son. Alone and grieving, Joelle turns to the only other person who understands her pain: Mara's husband, Liam. And what starts out as comfort between friends gradually becomes something more. Something undeniable. Now all Joelle needs is a miracle.
Torn by guilt and the impossibility of her feelings for Liam, Joelle seeks help from someone she's not even sure she believes in--a healer named Carlynn Kling Shire. Joelle sets out to find Carlynn, knowing that Mara needs something conventional medicine can't supply. And hoping that if Mara is well, Joelle's feelings for Liam will end.
Her search leads her to a mansion in Monterey, California, and into the life of a woman shrouded in mystery. And as Joelle is guided down an unfamiliar path by a woman who is clearly keeping her own secrets, she discovers that some love is doomed, while some love can survive anything.

Terri's Review

I finished this book last night.  I can truly say that there is not a Diane Chamberlain book that I do not enjoy.

This was one of her older books that was originally published under another title "Cypress Point".  I can tell a difference in the style of writing between this book and some of her more recent novels.  This is not here nor there as both styles are entertaining, just different.  I liked how this told the story of current day Joelle as well as the story of Carlynn's childhood with her twin sister.

The main theme of this book was about healing and it was not without some twists and turns.  I have to admit that I had figured out the big twist however I am not sure if it is because it was predictable or if it is do to my uncanny ability to predict outcomes no matter how twisted it may be.  Ask my husband who I creep out regularly when I predict the most ludicrous things on television that turn out to be accurate.

I recommend this book and I wish I only had the time currently to bring true justice to this review.

Terri's Rating

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