Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review: The Carlswick Affair by SL Beaumont

Stephanie adores the quaint English village where she is spending the summer, but its sunlit streets lead to two houses that hide secrets. One house belongs to her family, and one is the ancestral home of James Knox.

Can she trust him? This smiling musician has stolen her heart, but her mind is full of doubt. He is a rising rock star, who has captivated her from his first hello, but an old family feud stands between them.

Stephanie's beautiful great-aunt Sophie died suddenly seventy years ago, just before she was to elope with James' uncle. Village gossip about this tragic wartime romance is mingled with whispers of secretive visitors, smuggling and - perhaps - collaboration with the Nazis.

European history reaches forward to intrude on James and Stephanie's modern love. She is driven to find out the truth about her great-aunt, whose lost romance in many ways parallels her own. However great the danger, she must uncover the secrets that lie hidden beneath the ancient roof of Knox Manor.

Paperback, First, 318 pages
Published November 14th 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Terri's Thoughts:

I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

I had requested this based on the synopsis provided as it sounded like just the type of read that I enjoy.  What I did not know or validate prior to reading that this would be considered in the YA genre.  This was not a bad thing.  In fact it was a refreshing departure from the typical paranormal/dystopian reads that are currently dominating this genre.

The storyline was interesting with just enough conflict, angst and action to keep the reader engaged while being a quick and easy read.  For the younger audience there were enough fashion references to keep it age relevant and besides what female does not have a shoe obsession?  The chemistry between Stephanie and James was great with just the right combination of love/hate to keep the story rolling.  Then to top it off just when you think it is a love story add in some life endangering drama and it was a great mix.

I actually found that I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.  I particularly found the character of Stephanie well written and I truly enjoyed her personality and her quick remarks.  I read this in one evening and found myself shocked to finish it so fast.  The good news here is that the ending left an opening for a sequel.  I'm not sure if that is Beaumont's plan however I truly hope it is.

For her first novel I give kudo's for such an entertaining read.

About the Author

S L Beaumont grew up far from the quaint English village she so vividly brings to life in her first published novel. She graduated from the University of Otago, the oldest university in New Zealand. She has worked as a chartered accountant in Auckland, London and New York.

When she is not reading or writing, she spends time with her young family. Overseas travel is a favorite hobby, and she spends plenty of time planning her trips. Like her main character in The Carlswick Affair, she is seriously addicted to coffee.

Beaumont is currently working on her next book, another exciting romantic suspense novel.

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