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Review: Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods

Falling for a handsome stranger on the very morning they meet is hardly what recently divorced Abby Miller planned for her return to Seaview Key. Hoping to mend an old friendship and to give back to the community she loves, Abby's definitely not looking for love.

For ex-soldier Seth Landry, Seaview Key seems like the perfect place to heal a broken heart…eventually. And when he rescues a beautiful woman on the beach, his nightmares about the past are eclipsed by daydreams about the future.

Neither Abby nor Seth are looking for forever, but powerful love has its own timetable. And taking a chance on the future will test their courage in ways neither of them could possibly have anticipated.

Paperback, 384 pages
Published January 28th 2014 by Harlequin MIRA
Genre: Romance

Kristine's Thoughts:

I received a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

For anyone who has read any of Sherryl Woods other work you will find that this book follows the same formula. You have a man and a woman with an attraction to each other but pasts and complications that interfere with the progress of a relationship.

First I have to say that I enjoyed reading about Seaview Key. There is something to be said about a small town atmosphere and the sense of community within it. I could picture myself being right at home sitting on Abby's porch, baking at the inn and eating fish sandwiches at the restaurant.

I enjoyed how Abby and Seth's relationship developed but at times I wished that it would speed along a little. It was understandable that there were doubts and insecurities because of their pasts but at times I felt like they analysed a little too much. It was a little frustrating at times. I also didn't understand Hannah's insecurities when it came to Abby being back in town. Yes she dated her husband but it was back when they were teenagers. There were marriages and children after that so her insecurities seemed a little extreme. It would have been nice to read a little bit more about their re-connection.

All in all it was a cute story about two people who discover that it is never too late to get the things in life that they desire. This was the third book by Woods that I have read and I'm sure it will not be the last.

About the Author

Author of more than 100 romance and mystery novels, Sherryl Woods grew up in Virginia. Over the years she had lived in Ohio and Florida, as well as California. Currently she divides her time between Key Biscayne, Florida and Colonial Beach, Virginia, the small, river-front town where she spent her childhood summers.

A graduate of Ohio State University School of Journalism, Sherryl spent more than ten years as a journalist, most of them as a television critic for newspapers in Ohio and Florida. For several years she also coordinated a motivational program for the more than 8,000 employees at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

Her first book, RESTORING LOVE, was published in 1982 by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy under the pseudonym of Suzanne Sherrill. Her second book, SAND CASTLES, under the pseudonym of Alexandra Kirk, was published later that same year by Bantam. She began using her own name when she moved to the Second Chance at Love line at Berkley Publishing. In 1986, she began writing full-time and also began her long career at Silhouette Books with the Desire title NOT AT EIGHT, DARLING, set in the world of television which she covered for so many years.

In addition to her more than 75 romances for Silhouette Desire and Special Edition, she has written thirteen mysteries — nine in the Amanda Roberts series and four in the Molly DeWitt series.

When she's not writing or reading, Sherryl loves to garden, though she's not at her best on a riding lawn mower. She also loves tennis, theater, and ballet, even though her top spin has long since vanished, she's never set foot on a stage, and she's way too uncoordinated to dance. She also loves baseball and claims anyone who's ever seen Kevin Costner in "Bull Durham" can understand why.

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