Monday, 29 September 2014

Review: This Is How It Ends by Jen Nadol

If you could see the future, would you want to? After the disturbing visions Riley and his friends see turn out to be more than hallucinations, fate takes a dangerous twist in this dark and suspenseful page-turner.

Riley and his friends are gearing up for their senior year by spending one last night hanging out in the woods, drinking a few beers, and playing Truth or Dare. But what starts out as a good time turns sinister when they find a mysterious pair of binoculars. Those who dare to look through them see strange visions, which they brush off as hallucinations. Why else would Riley see himself in bed with his best friend's girlfriend, a girl he's had a secret crush on for years?

In the weeks that follow, the visions begin to come true...including a gruesome murder. One of Riley's closest friends is now the prime suspect. But who is the murderer? Have Riley and his friends really seen the future through those mysterious binoculars? And what if they are powerless to change the course of events?

Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Expected publication: October 7th 2014 by Simon Pulse

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Simon Pulse via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is October 7, 2014.

This was a fun read for me.  While written for the YA genre I found the idea of being able to see snippets of the future an interesting concept for me.  As we watch the fallout when the group of friends realize that their "hallucinations" are coming true this story starts to take off.

While the storyline stems from the found binoculars, it is more the story of friends coming together during a time of crisis and trying to solve the murder.  I could really identify with the rumour and gossip mill of the small town life coming from a small town myself.  It was written exactly as I have experienced it.

Riley was an interesting main character.  I liked the fact that he was geeky and it made him seem all the more real.  Add to that his family struggles and he became extremely likeable.  His fascination with Sarah and his struggles to deny his attraction added to his appeal.  Interesting was the fact that although he himself considered himself an outsider he was actually the glue in the group of friends and the voice of reason except when it came to his own issues.

Altogether this was a good read about a group of teens in their last year of high school who see a glimpse of their futures and try to deal with it.  This was a fast read that I think most will enjoy.  I particularly think the way the story ended was fitting and wrapped the story up nicely.

About the Author

(from her Goodread's profile)

I grew up in Reading, PA, hometown of John Updike, Taylor Swift and fellow YA author A.S. King (nope, didn't know any of them).

I went to college at American University in Washington DC, graduated with a BA in Literature, then spent the next twelve years doing something totally unrelated to pay the bills.

Now I live north of NYC in an old farmhouse with my husband and three young sons. I am thrilled to finally be writing, the thing I always meant to do. 


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