Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review: Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning by Patricia McLinn

One look, a passionate love . . . and then they part . . . Forever?

Before the bestselling and award-winning Wyoming Wildflowers series, there was another love story, one that laid the foundation for all those that came after.

Ed Currick’s and Donna Roberts’ worlds couldn’t have been any more different – a rancher from Wyoming and an up-and-coming Broadway musical actress on a national tour. What could have been a momentary encounter sparks desire . . . and more. But can there be anything but heartbreak ahead when they have only days before their dreams pull them apart?

Terri's Thoughts

This was a free Amazon download and I selected it as I wanted a quick read that did not require a lot of commitment.  That is what I got.

This is basically a typical boy and girl from opposite worlds meet and are attracted to each other story.  What starts as ships passing in the night grows to something more significant.  

I would like to say that this story impressed me but it really didn't.  There were no real stand out moments and sadly I will forget this story by the time I am dine reading the next one.  I do however think that there will be more significance for those readers who have read the Wyoming Wildflower series as I believe these characters play a role in them.  This story would take the reader back to when it all began and should be the target audience for this book.

At the end of the day I wanted a short read to pass a small amount of time and that is what I got.  No more, no less.

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