Saturday, 18 July 2015

Terri's Thought of the Day

I don't have a review to go up today.  Life has gotten in the way of reading and I am behind in my books and reviews.  This got me to thinking about my massive to be read pile and how there are always books that I am anxiously waiting for that have not yet released.  Two of them are part of a series and one is by an author I absolutely adore.  There is nothing worse than discovering a series at the very beginning when you have to wait for the subsequent stories to be written and then released.

I thought I would share which ones I must read!

The first one is by the author Lucinda Riley and is part of the Seven Sisters series.  Any fans of historical fiction or Lucinda Riley simply must read this.  I absolutely loved The Seven Sisters (see review here  )and I have been not so patiently waiting for the next one to come out which I believe will be titled The Storm Sister.  I had thought it was due out in November and it was not until writing this now that I realized that it may not be until March!  What will I do!!  Now Goodreads does say November and March by two different publishers so lets hope it is the earlier of the two.  There is at this time no book cover to share.

The second one surprised me a little.  For anyone that follows the blog and my reviews they will know that historical fiction tends to be my favorite however I am open to all sorts of genres.  This one would be in the YA/NA genre.  It is the sequel to CJ Duggan's Paradise City .  I believe it will be called Paradise Road and it is due out in November.  I can't pinpoint what I liked so much about this story other than the fact that the promise of where it could go is endless and I simply must be along for the ride.

Lastly, is Kate Morton's newest book which will be titled The Lake House.  Kate Morton is simply my favorite author hands down.  She has a way of doing historical fiction unlike anyone else I have read, or at list consistently.  This is due out in October and I will be first in line for it.  I have read and own all of her other work to date and I intend on owning anything she puts out in the future.  I am one of those people who has gravitated towards reading digitally however in this case I will own the paperback and it will make it on to my coveted bookshelf.  Only books with top honors make the shelf.

What is everyone else looking forward to?

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