Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review: In Certain Circles by Elizabeth Harrower

In Certain Circles is the long-lost final novel by the internationally acclaimed author of The Watch Tower.

Zoe Howard is seventeen when her brother, Russell, introduces her to Stephen Quayle. Aloof and harsh, Stephen is unlike anyone she has ever met, a weird, irascible character out of some dense Russian novel. His sister, Anna, is shy and thoughtful, a little orphan.

Zoe and Russell, Stephen and Anna: they may come from different social worlds but all four will spend their lives moving in and out of each other's shadow.

Set amid the lush gardens and grand stone houses that line the north side of Sydney Harbour, In Certain Circles is an intense psychological drama about family and love, tyranny and freedom.

Kindle Edition, 256 pages
Expcted Publication Date: September 15, 2015 by Text Publishing
Genre: Fiction

Kristine's Thoughts:

** I received an advanced readers copy from Text Publishing via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**

Try as I might, I could not get into this book. I found that it was all over the map. It was hard to distinguish who's voice was who's and the thoughts were so scattered it was frustrating. The fact that I did not like Zoe very much added to that.

 It required way too much work to get through this book. I found that I was nodding off and making excuses to put the book down. For someone who loves to read a wide range of books and genres for enjoyment and pleasure, I found this one lacking in both.

This book just wasn't for me...


About the Author
ELIZABETH HARROWER was born in Sydney in 1928. She lived in Newcastle until her family moved back to Sydney when she was eleven.
In 1951 Harrower travelled to London and began to write. Her first novel, DOWN IN THE CITY, was published there in 1957 and was followed by THE LONG PROSPECT a year later. In 1959 she returned to Sydney, where she worked in radio and then in publishing. Her third novel, THE CATHERINE WHEEL, appeared in 1960.
Harrower published THE WATCH TOWER in 1966. Four years later she finished a new novel, IN CERTAIN CIRCLES, but withdrew it from publication at the last moment, in 1971. It remained unpublished until 2014.
IN CERTAIN CIRCLES is Harrower’s final completed novel, though in the 1970s and 1980s she continued to write short fiction. She is one of the most important postwar Australian writers - admired by many of her contemporaries, including Patrick White and Christina Stead. Her novels are now being acclaimed by a new generation of readers and writers.

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