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Review: Sets Appeal by Virginia Taylor

In the cosmopolitan coastal city of Adelaide in South Australia, two theater lovers create a little drama of their own…

Twenty-seven-year-old divorcée Vix Tremain finally has her first job—as a theater-set painter—and is ready to leave the past behind. What better way to get her confidence back than a fling with a handsome stranger? She isn’t looking for anything emotional, she’s had enough heartbreak. Rugged Jay Dee, the set construction manager, fits the bill for no strings fun perfectly. What Vix doesn’t realize is that Jay is not exactly a stranger . .

Expected publication: April 25th 2017

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is April 25th, 2017.

Whenever I receive a galley to read, I feel a huge sense of responsibility knowing that this is a way to get word out about a book.  That sense of responsibility turns to guilt when I do not enjoy a book and this was the case with this story.  I need to remind myself that the whole concept is to be honest in my feedback so I will force the guilt aside and provide my thoughts.

I really disliked the character of Vix.  She came across as a spoiled rich girl which is exactly the opposite of how I believe she was to come across.  It just didn't come through in the execution.  First she sets out to use Jay for sex, then she contemplates if she can buy him just like she bought her first husband.  What does that even mean?  Her first husband was using her and she was a wallflower so why did she buy him?  It doesn't make sense.  Then there are references to how she was exhausted after working for two weeks (the first time ever in her life).  Its hard to feel sorry for her when the general population is working for a living.  I can't see many of us working professionals identifying with her dilemma.  I had my first job at fourteen, because I wanted one, and I know the value of pride in a job well done.  It did not make her appealing to me.

Then the story goes on to describe Vix' stepmother who looks good for age.  She was in her mid forties!  I saw red!  While not yet in that demographic, I am chasing it, and I was seriously offended.  Mid forties is young and I know a ton of fabulous, beautiful, and young people in their mid forties.  This is not old.  Many woman are just having their first child at this age.  I almost put the book down for good at this point.  This is a great way to alienate the exact demographic that this story should be appealing to.

My last annoyance, and I admit that it is a small one but I was annoyed at this point, was the overuse of the colour citrus.  There were clothes in citrus hues, paint, and wall colours, you name it.  I would have found it funny if honestly perhaps not have noticed if I was enjoying the story more.  It is safe to say that citrus is Vix's favorite colour.

Sadly, I did not enjoy this story and I can't recommend it.  It just hit some sensitive areas in the wrong way.

About the Author

Virginia is a full time writer who loves renovating, painting, sewing, gardening, cooking, talking, and organising other people's lives.


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