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Review: From the Top (Bound by Design #3) by Roxanne Smith

A labor of love…
Seraphina Fawkes is ready to make her mark on the Little Rock design industry as Gallagher Interiors’ new lead on Tanbee House—a coveted historic restoration project. But the job’s biggest perk might be her handsome boss, Grant Gallagher. Grant shares Seraphina’s straightforward, no-nonsense demeanor, so she’s surprised when he hires an old adversary who was suspected of involvement in a drug ring. Though Grant seems intent on giving him a chance, she’ll keep a close watch on anything that could jeopardize the project—or her growing partnership with Grant.

Getting what he wants—even at others’ expense—never used to be difficult for Grant, but sexy, stubborn Seraphina tests his resolve. Though deception is necessary to maintain his covert investigation into the crime syndicate plaguing the city, Grant knows that the longer he hides the truth, the more destructive it will be when revealed. Will Seraphina still trust Grant, and their intense connection, after she finds out their foundation is built on secrets?

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

Ok, I am going to start my review with a mini rant.  My apologies to those I may offend because they have the same name, but I absolutely cannot stand the name Seraphina.  It just feels like a mouthful and it was written so many times I just kept getting more and more annoyed.  I was waiting for a nickname or something so I could stop reading it but alas a reprieve was not meant to be.  Is this relevant to the story, not really, it just really bugged me and I always promise to write my thoughts down.

Now to the actual character of Seraphina.  I also struggled with her.  I understand that her perceived cold exterior was due to her daddy issues and fear of not measuring up, but I really didn't warm up to her too much.  Grant on the other hand I did warm up to even though his characteristics were the same.  I think it is maybe because of his storyline with his mother and that fact that he was the first to show a "human side".

As this is the third in a series, of which I have not read the previous two, I feel that I may have understood the secondary characters better if I had read the series from the beginning.  I could be wrong but I think they may have been featured in the earlier installments.

For me, this story was just alright.

About the Author

Roxanne Smith lives in a small North Carolina town, nestled in the Smokies. She reads a lot.

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