Saturday, 13 January 2018

Review: After Hours by Melinda Di Lorenzo

Six foot two. Lips to die for. And boy, can the man fill out a suit. The gorgeous stranger sending Aysia Banks steamy looks from across the bar is the perfect way for her to take her mind off her high-stress job, and maybe even forget about her ex. An invitation to dance leads to a smoldering night, which turns into a weekend of uninhibited, toe-curling, blow-your-mind passion. Things are starting to look up for Aysia—until Monday morning . . .

Another city, another company to save. It’s nothing new to executive Marcelo Diaz, who’s used to calling the shots and getting what he wants. But what is different, is Aysia: the vixen he spent the weekend rewriting the entire playbook with. But before Marc can take things any further he’s shocked by what he discovers . . .

Marc was hired to keep his employer’s reputation squeaky clean.

Part of Aysia’s job is to enforce her department’s strict no-dating rule.

And they work for the same company.

Now, with their red-hot connection doused by office policies and politics, Aysia and Marc try to put their fling behind them. It should be easy. But when a behind-the-scenes power play threatens their careers, they’ll have to bring their hearts to the table . . .

ebook, 304 pages
Published January 2nd 2018 by Lyrical Press

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Due to a hectic schedule, I am just getting around to writing my review now.

As you can guess by the story synopsis, the story starts out as a one night stand, so you know there is going to be some sexy scenes.  In fact, reading this on my kindle, I was at 33% completed by the time said one night stand was completed and the rest of the storyline began.  So those who like their stories on the cleaner side may want to avoid this one.  On the other hand, those who like their reads steamy, this would be a good choice.

While the attraction between Marc and Aysia is evident from the get go, it was perhaps too evident.  I did struggle with the fact that their physical attraction seemed to override all other priorities such as work and family.  Neither of these places/people were off limits when it came to succumbing to their physical needs.  While I appreciate a strong physical attraction, I do also recognize the fact that there are boundaries that should perhaps not be crossed.

That aside this was a pretty enjoyable read.  The characters were likeable and it was easy to read.  A good choice for fans of steamy fiction

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