Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review: All For You (Boys of the South) The 12 NA's of Christmas by Marquita Valentine

*All For You is proud to be a part of The 12 NA's of Christmas*
12 New Adult Novellas. 12 Best Selling Authors. November 2013.

Bully. Tormentor. Lover.
West Diaz has been all of these things to me.
After being gone for two years, he's back, begging for my forgiveness. And not just my forgiveness... He wants more.
He wants... Me.

ebook 94 pages
Published November 1st 2013
Genre: New Adult

Kristine's Thoughts:

At only 94 pages Valentine creates a powerful, sexy novella about a subject that I think millions of teens will relate to.

This novella tackles the serious subject of bullying from both sides, the emotional consequences, and the power of forgiveness. Unfortunately this is a topic that way too many high school kids know all too well and will be able to identify with. Valentine does a spectacular job of portraying the emotions of the characters and keeping it real. 

McKenzie was teased and bullied in high school for being the new girl and the gardeners daughter. West was one of her biggest tormentors. They share one night together but even though he stops, he does nothing to stop his friends from bullying her. The story begins after high school as West looks for redemption for his unforgivable behaviour from the girl he can't get out of his head.

As with all novellas, this is where I stop so that I don't give anything away. I truly enjoyed this story and my only negative would be that there wasn't enough Christmas. 

About the Author

New York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She's the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man--and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.

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