Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: The Christmas Star by Diane Darcy

When an old woman makes a wish upon a Christmas star, miracles start to happen. A manipulative angel and a zany Christmas season are exactly what it takes to get Jason and Elise in the same vicinity again. But can they forgive each other and forget old resentments and hurts? Well, Christmas is a perfect time for miracles. Throw in the hunt for the perfect tree, a sledding competition and a desperate-for-grandchildren mother, and you have the perfect recipe

Kindle Edition, 97 pages
Published (first published October 10th 2011)

Terri's Review

I found this story on Amazon during my hunt for Christmas themed reads.

This was a short story that focused on the theme of forgiveness.  In fact the theme of forgiveness was more present than the theme of Christmas however the two intertwined nicely.  I enjoyed the parts of the book that took place outdoors such as when Jason and Elise went sledding.

I must admit that I had difficulty believing the chemistry between Jason and Elise as their history was not really explained during the story.  I also found Elise to be a little too stubborn at times as I felt she expected too much of others.

At the end of the day it was a pleasant love story with a positive theme to get you through the holidays.

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