Monday, 23 December 2013

Review: The Christmas Waltz by Connie Keenan

Years have passed since music teacher June Sheppard's fiance died in the war. Yet on a snowy day in 1962, while conducting the school choir at a Christmas concert in the park, she sees Paul Everett again--just a face in the crowd. Not one to believe in ghosts, she's nonetheless haunted by dreams of long ago and a love that has never been forgotten by her...or Paul.

This short story, an old-fashioned romance, is approximately 10,000 words long and part of The Larkspur Valley Series.

Terri's Review

I downloaded this story on Amazon as it captured my interest as it mentioned June being haunted by the past.  Anytime there is a story about the past I am usually hooked.

This did not disappoint.  It was a Christmas story mixed in with the story of a lost love from long ago and the hopes of moving forward in the present.  This was a short story however I could have stuck around in this story longer.  I will not divulge how the story turned out however I will say that it is appropriately named as it concludes with a beautiful Christmas waltz.

I was not previously familiar with Keenan's work however I will be checking out some of her other works after reading this story.

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