Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Review: A Season For Hope (A Fairhope Christmas Novella) by Sarra Cannon (The 12 NA's of Christmas)

*A Season For Hope is proud to be a part of The 12 NA's of Christmas*
12 New Adult Novellas. 12 Bestselling Authors.

Being dumped just before the holidays was my worst nightmare. I’d spent so many years thinking Preston Wright was the one for me that when he told me it was over, I thought I’d rather die than face the future. 
I never expected someone like Judd Kohler to come crashing into my life. Literally. He was coming out. I was going in. My face got in the way. You get the picture. It was an accident. Running into him twice in one day, though? It started to feel like fate. 
My mother always says Christmas is a magical time of year. A season for hope. All I know is that just when I thought I’d lost mine, hope somehow found its way back to me. 
Just in time for Christmas.

Each book in the Fairhope series can stand-alone, but you'll see updates on your favorite characters throughout each book, so read them in order to get the most enjoyment out of the series!

ebook, 129 pages
Published October 27th 2013 by Dead River Books 
Genre: New Adult
Kristine's Thoughts:
This is another cute novella that I think will appeal to the younger of the new adult fans.
Bailey is a college girl who is struggling after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Everything revolved around him from what she wore, who she hung out with, what she did and what she said. She doesn't know who she is without him and how to move on.
When she literally bumps into Judd, a hunky med student, it looks like her luck might be changing. He is almost too good to be true. He is caring, attentive, kind and doesn't seem to want her change who she is for him. Soon begins Bailey's internal battle. Does she want to open her heart and risk getting it broken again. What does he expect of her and is she the type of person he really wants? Will his friends like her?
What I liked about this novella is that Bailey's struggles are ones that millions of young woman deal with and they are totaly relatable. It is a story about figuring out who you are and being yourself. There is a strong message hidden within the words that you can be loved for who you are and you should never change to be who you think someone wants you to be.
I'm a sucker for any story that takes place during the holiday season so this book was a perfect little Christmas read! 


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