Saturday, 19 March 2016

Review: Dreaming August by Terri-Lynne DeFino

Welcome to Bitterly Connecticut, hometown of one wistful widow with a very big secret….

She should have been off-limits. After all, Benedetta “Benny” Grady is his best friend’s widow. But in the space of a whirlwind week, Daniel Greene went from strong shoulder to lean on to Benny’s ardent lover. Now Dan is determined to make Benny his bride. He hasn’t waited this long for love to let it get away so easily. But first, Benny has a few ghosts to contend with…

When Benny finds herself pregnant with Dan’s child, telling him should be easy. After all, she’s fallen hard for the wise-cracking bachelor. But how can she love another while remaining true to her late husband’s memory? Could the past hold the key to their future happiness?

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: April 12th 2016 by Lyrical Shine

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is April 12, 2016.

This story really wasn't what I expected.  Although I approach each story I read with little expectations so that I can enter with an open mind, I still have some idea of what direction the story should take.  I was expecting a romance.  You know the kind....they love each other but must pine for each other as they battle their inner demons.  While this story has that, it was what I will say a little different from the norm.

I must be careful to not disclose any spoilers but if I were to give a hint...take the synopsis literally.  Yes, every word.  Ok enough of that.

While this was a sweet love story I have to admit it was a little bit hard to identify.

Take Benny.  She lost her husband six years ago and was still grieving to the point of tears daily and visiting his grave daily.  While I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose the love of my life, I am pretty sure that while the pain may never subside, the daily tears would eventually.  She was forty years old and read as a character much younger, like a teenager.  Maybe because she lived at home made it seem worse but by the way she acted it was like someone who has never seen the world outside the comfort of her own home.

Also, her relationship with Dan was just weird to me.  The story discusses their time together (very short) in which she becomes pregnant.  She know Dan will be happy but is afraid to tell him?  weird.  His reaction...also odd.  Their whole relationship just had a weird vibe to me that I could not completely get on board with.

Then there is the whole piece that I can't discuss regarding Auggie.  This was actually the best part of the story in my opinion, although seemed way out in left field when it first began.  I could say a lot but that would spoiling the story.

Altogether this story was just ok for me.

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