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Review: Keep On Loving You (Cabin Fever #4)

Mackenzie Walker's siblings have all found their happy-ever-afters, but she has everything a single girl needs in her California mountain hometown. Family, friends, a thriving business…and memories of Zan Elliott, her first love, whose touch—and betrayal—she's never forgotten. Now, ten years after he left town, Zan returns to manage his late grandfather's estate…and flip Mac's life upside down with one heated glance.

Documentary filmmaking has taken Zan all over the globe, yet nowhere was far enough away to make him forget Mac. Seeing her ignites their incredible chemistry all over again. Mac's trust won't be easily won, however, especially when Zan's inheritance jeopardizes her family's hard-earned dreams. But every moment together is challenging Zan to stop living life through a lens and dare to let his guard down for a chance at forever…

Mass Market Paperback, 393 pages
Published January 26th 2016 by HQN Books

Terri's Thoughts

I won a copy of this book in a giveaway on Goodreads.  In exchange I will offer my honest review.

I will start by mentioning my favorite part of this book.  It was the story of Tilda and Ash.  Not mentioned anywhere in the synopsis, it was essentially a secondary plot within the story.  I found myself anxiously waiting for the storyline to keep going back to these two.  In every way I found these characters more interesting than Mack and Zan.

The story of Mack and Zan was just ok for me.  I found that there was no real original element to their storyline.  Zan returns after ten years and of course Mack has never gotten over him and basically had her life on hold.  Upon his return she just can't stay away from him yet fights it every step of the way. 

I found the push and pull of their relationship simply went on for too long.  You already know how it is going to end and it found the story started to drag on.  In my opinion, the book went 50-100 pages to long and it felt like everything was getting repeated over and over again.  Trimming the story would have went a long way.

I enjoyed the setting of the story and could imagine what the small mountain town was like.  That and the story of Tilda and Ash redeemed the story for me.  Otherwise I would have had a hard time finishing.

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