Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Review: To Win Her Heart by Mackenzie Crowne

In order to protect her, they’ll both have to let their guards down…
Country music’s It Girl Jessi Tucker is fed up with her family’s stifling security measures. The threat of a dangerous stalker has gotten the men in her life—including her football star cousin, Tuck Tucker—monitoring her every move. To get the freedom she yearns for, Jessi hatches a plan to recruit Max Grayson, Tuck’s sexy brawler best friend, to play the role of her new boyfriend. But if her scheme works, will she be forced to hide her true romantic feelings for the sake of her independence? Or will she finally steal the heart of her dream man?...

Max has been pining for Jessi for years and would do anything to protect her, but a professional cage fighter with too many skeletons in his closet has no business being with one of America’s sweethearts. Yet while Max does his best to keep Jessi at arm’s length, the Tucker family persuades him to accept her offer.

Max believes he can keep Jessi safe from danger, but can he shelter her from his own dark secrets, the media’s unforgiving spotlight—and a mutual desire that’s harder to resist each day…

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: April 12th 2016 by Lyrical Shine

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is April 12th, 2016.

This is the third instalment in the Players series.  See my review of the second book To Win Her Trust here.  Although I had read the previous book, I had not read the first.  This can be read as a stand alone however reading the others will give a little background on some of the secondary characters.

This story delivers exactly what you would expect from it based on the story synopsis.  You have two people with an intense attraction to each other and a thousand (in their eyes) reasons why it could never work.  As you are well aware, the harder they fight it the more they are fighting a losing battle.

Jessi is a spitfire who knows what she wants in love but not necessarily in life.  Max is someone who feels he does not deserve any of the good things in life most importantly, love.  As they are thrown together they realize that perhaps both of them were wrong about everything.

The mystery of the stalker was not really a mystery.  I was able to figure it out from the very beginning although I felt Crowne may have been trying to throw the reader of off the scent.  Regardless, you are really there to see what happens with Jessi and Max so it wasn't a big deal.

If you like your stories with a little bit of the steam factor, this book has that for you.  If you like a little romance, it has that also.  If you like broken characters who come together, again the story delivers.

Ultimately I had a good time with this story.  I was able to fly through it and it kept me entertained.

About the Author

(from her Goodreads profile)

I'm a wife, mother and really young grandmother. Together with my high school sweet heart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian and a blind cat, I call Phoenix home because the southwest feeds my soul. My love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened my resolve to see my stories shared with others. Today I'm a seven-year survivor living the dream.

Raised on the concept that a stranger is just one conversation away from being a friend, I love meeting new people. My friends call me Mac. I hope you will too.

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