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Review: Breath of Life by Donald Stidham

New love is always magical when you are young . . . everything is seen with a brightness and clarity that shines like a brand new world. Colors are vibrant, food tastes magnificent, and happy wistful thoughts make for perfect dreams of a “happily ever after” life.
Lucas and Sophie’s honeymoon lingered into days spent laughing and teasing each other at the ocean at Myrtle Beach, discussing the future on the way to Washington, D. C., and exploring the deep passion they felt for each other in the mountains of Tennessee--even get caught skinny-dipping. Sharing a perfect life as newlyweds, traveling around the country while photographing little children at school made their lives seem like a fantasy that would last forever.
Bigger dreams took hold, which meant settling into more stable jobs in stable neighborhoods while raising their family. The routine of ordinary days set in; mundane, routine mind-numbing tasks took over, and the fantasy life faded as did the love of young romance when it turned into real adult responsibilities. Lucas could see the fairy tale life slipping away. He was losing his precious Sophie and his family--he couldn’t let that happen--he wouldn’t! It was that resolve that set him on a course to change all of their lives.
Breath of Life will make you believe again that love is precious and dear--something to cherish, to hold on to, something worth fighting for no matter the risk . . . no matter what it takes.

Paperback, 2nd, 418 pages
Published October 20th 2013 by Createspace 

Kristine's Thoughts:

I received a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

The premise of this book was finding the way back to your one true love. Lucas and Sophie, once madly in love, lost sight of what they had and Lucas struggles to re-connect and get that spark back. I thought that I would be in for an epic love story but in the end I thought it was o.k. but lacked something that made it great.

I think that the problem for me was in the characters themselves. They weren't very likeable if I am being honest. I found them both to be a little self centred and selfish especially Sophie and Lucas did some things that really made me angry. If this was the intention of the author than he succeeded but it made me not really care much about the outcome for these two people. Sophie only seemed to be happy when she was travelling all over the country without any real adult responsibilities. As soon as she became pregnant she turned whiny and bitter. She came across as someone who was resentful of having kids and having to have real adult responsibilities and commitments. This aspect was not addressed thoroughly enough for me and instead she kept going on about how Lucas had changed. She changed just as much as he did if not more. Also she seemed bitter that Lucas no longer bought her little gifts (it was on her list of things she wanted) and that made her appear very shallow. I had issues with Lucas as well. What equal "spouse" would sell everything they own without consulting their significant other? Grounds for divorce right there if you ask me. Also he spanked Sophie as hard as he could in the rear to get her to calm down and listen to what he had to say. WHAT??? Lets not even talk about the "almost" affairs on both sides and the obsession with weight and figures.

For a slow moving story I found it to be quite busy. There were affairs, present and past stories, stalkers, locked journals, mythical or god like old men and a lot of food and restaurants. I think Stidham had a great idea with this story but it could have used a bit more tweaking and editing in order to make it read a little better and for the characters to be more likeable.

About the Author
Donald Stidham has been writing since 2006 in various genres. What started as a passion for unique storytelling has turned into a crusade for inspirational work. Breath of Life is about re-discovering love and fighting for it...at all costs. The Adventures of Bubba and Sissy: Daddy Does the Same Thing is a children's book about developing a strong bond between children and their fathers.
Donald is currently working on Pieces, which will be release in the summer of 2014. Pieces spins a tale of four families and fate that binds them closely.
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