Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review: Just You (Just You #1) by Rebecca Phillips

Through witnessing her parents' bitter divorce, sixteen-year-old Taylor Brogan has learned what she believes to be a certainty—men lie, men betray, men can’t be trusted. When her first boyfriend cheats on her, Taylor can’t even pretend to act surprised. After all, her own father left her mother for another woman after fourteen years of marriage, so it was only a matter of time before it happened to her too.

Betrayed one time too many, Taylor vows to give up boys for good. But when she meets sweet, gorgeous Michael Hurst at a party, her resolve to stay single begins to crack. Maybe, in spite of her past, she can trust him not to break her heart. Taylor and Michael begin an exciting-but-cautious romance, hitting several challenges along the way—parental disapproval, family secrets, and the most daunting obstacle of all, Elena Brewster, a calculating beauty who is determined to make Michael hers.

Not just another teen romance, JUST YOU is about learning to embrace the risks involved in trusting someone with your heart.

Paperback, 210 pages
Published January 3rd 2014 by Rebecca Phillips

Terri's Thoughts

I purchased this book shortly after finishing Phillip's newest novel Any Other Girl as I liked how she tackled issues relevant to the YA genre.  After reading two of her other books I felt it was time to find out what else she had to offer.

This story was an outright romance that explored the topics of first love and forbidden romance.  It also explored deeper issues such as divorce and how the fallout impacts the outlook on others and the ability to trust.

I thought this story was really cute.  It reminded me of my high school days when the look from a guy would give me butterflies and you felt you were bulletproof. 

If I were to offer some constructive criticism is that there did not seem to be too much conflict between Taylor and Michael.  It all centered around them but not between them.  As this story is spread out over three books, I think that may be intentional and we will see more drama unfold as we progress through the series.  I have purchased the next story and I am anxious to get started!

About the Author

Rebecca Phillips has been a fan of contemporary young adult fiction ever since she first discovered Judy Blume at the age of twelve. She's the author of the JUST YOU series, OUT OF NOWHERE, FAKING PERFECT (Kensington), and ANY OTHER GIRL (January 26, Kensington).

Rebecca lives just outside the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband, two children, and one spoiled rotten cat. She absolutely loves living so close to the ocean.

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