Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Book Blitz: Disaster in Love by Liz Bower

Disaster in Love
by Liz Bower

Is he the man of her dreams…or a half-baked fantasy?

Kimberly Hardwick has always taken the bitter with the sweet. As she white-knuckles her way through her disastrous first-ever flight, she figures that if she’s going to die, at least the last face she sees will be the handsome hunk in the neighboring seat.

Dark-haired “Beck”, with eyes as rich and deep as her favorite baking chocolate, holds her hand until they’re safely on the ground…and then holds her through a night that dreams are made of. But in the morning, she wakes up alone, more convinced than ever that the only dreams worth investing in are her own.

But that takes money, and the only way to earn enough to start her own cake company is to work a dry, bland agency temping job. One in an accounting firm where her new boss, Kyle Robinson, isn’t the only unpleasant surprise.

Even though Kyle’s eyes follow her everywhere, he’s all business…until Kimberly discovers a discrepancy in the books. Leaving her wondering if Kyle is a man she can trust, or if she’s set herself up for a heartbreaking fall.

Warning: Contains a strong woman with a vulnerable heart, a tough man with a tender touch, decadent brownies, and even-more-decadent sex. Preheated oven not necessary…the contents are already hot!

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Statistically, I was more likely to die in a car crash. I knew because I’d researched it when I decided to take my first flight. In fact, I was more likely to die of food poisoning than the plane crashing. Just my luck, it would be the food on the plane that killed me. The same research told me take-off and landing were the most dangerous and likely times for a crash to happen. And it was that little nugget of information that had my stomach churning like it was on the high-speed setting of my Magimix. Had me grasping the boarding pass between my shaky fingers, holding onto it like a life preserver, the ink smudging from my sweaty palms.

Our entwined hands rested against his thigh and his thumb traced across my wrist.
“I fly a lot. And I’m no stranger to high-risk situations.”
Well, that was…intriguing. “Really? Are you a paratrooper or something?” I licked my lips and he looked away from me. The muscle in his cheek twitched like he was stopping himself from confessing some deep, dark secret.
He glanced out of the window and said, “Or something.”
Huh. Vague much? But then he had every right to be. If we weren’t in this situation, we would probably have spent the duration of the flight ignoring each other. Polite chitchat as we manoeuvred around sharing the same cramped space for so long. I was saved from trying to come up with a reply by the crackle of the announcement system.

Author Bio:
Liz has lived in a lot of places including The Middle East and southern Spain. But her heart has always been in Lancashire where she is originally from in the UK. This picturesque county in the northwest of England is the inspiration for many of her books.

When not writing, Liz loves to curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and her Kindle. She also enjoys walking her dog (Barney) in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

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