Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Until Today by Pam Fluttert

Kat is alone with a secret she doesn't want to keep but can't risk telling. A victim of longtime sexual abuse at the hands of her family's trusted friend, Kat is torn between trying to protect herself and safeguarding her little sister, whom she fears might be next.
Greg is a clever and manipulative abuser who has Kat convinced that she is as much to blame for his behavior as he is. Caught in a tangled web of deception and self-loathing, Kat believes Greg when he says that no one will accept her word over his. Thanks to him, Kat is already isolated from her parents and at risk of losing her best friends. With no one to turn to, Kat keeps a secret journal where she writes the truth about everything that has been going on since she was a little girl. But now the journal is missing, and Kat's secret is about to unravel.

Paperback, 200 pages
Published September 23rd 2013 by Second Story Press      

Terri's Review

I won this book from a giveaway on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

As I sit down to write out my thoughts I find that I am struggling to find the right words to describe my feelings towards the book.  This book was an easy read in regards to the writing style, pace and general flow however it was a heavy read in regards to the topic.

Instead of following the usual format for a review I will instead choose to just share the general thoughts that keep going through my mind.  This book was written for the YA audience which in my opinion is genius.  While the adult population is accustomed to reading about such difficult topics as abuse it is not commonly seen in the YA market at least in my experience.  This is what makes this book stand out to me.  By gearing this towards the young adult reader, Fluttert is targeting the same audience that could also be victims of the same abuse as faced by Kat in the story.  She outlines the different emotions that victims face such as denial, confusion, and anger.  She also outlines the courage and strength it takes to overcome the abuse and expose the secrets and lies.

Fluttert has created a powerful message and if this book assists just one person to "tell" and then start down the path of healing then she should be proud of what she has accomplished here.  This story has the power to make an impact on some young lives.  This will stay with me for a while

Pam Fluttert


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