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Review: After Us by Amber Hart

Sometimes secrets kill. Maybe slowly, maybe painfully. Maybe all at once.

Melissa smiles. She flirts. She jokes. But she never shows her scars. Eight months after tragedy ripped her from her closest friend, Melissa is broken. Plagued by grief, rage, and the painful memory of a single forbidden kiss.

Javier has scars of his own. Life in the States was supposed to be a new beginning, but a boy obsessed by vengeance has no time for the American dream. To honor his familia, Javier joins the gang who set up his cousin, Diego. The entrance price is blood. Death is the only escape.

Two broken souls could make each other whole again—or be shattered forever.

Our time will come. And we'll be ready

Paperback, 368 pages

Expected publication: December 30th 2014 by K-Teen

Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Kensington via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!  The expected publication date is December 30th 2014.
I did not realize that this was the second book in a series when I requested it.  Although I was able to read this as a stand alone there were many unanswered questions I had throughout the story.  Luckily they were answered as the story progressed.  That being said I recommend reading the first book Before You first as I think it would assist with the flow of this story.
This is the type of story you are looking for when a want a YA love story about two people who can not be whole without each other.  Although there appeared to be no lead up to the attraction I believe some of the ground work may have been laid out in the first book.  Two broken souls who come together to heal each other.
There is no other way to describe this other than a love story.  Both Melissa and Javier had their own issues to deal with however they were unable to keep their walls up with each other.  Those who enjoy reading about young love will enjoy the fact that the air literally changed when the two of them were together.  The chemistry was evident and again would have been more evident if I had read the first book.  It is the type of attraction that every teenage girl dreams of having...well except maybe for the baggage that comes with it.
At the risk of sounding overly critical there are a couple of points that did not add up for me.  This could be the part of me that can no longer check off the YA demographic when filling out surveys.  The first is the geographical setting of the story.  This confused me a little bit.  Melissa worked at a club on the beach and it was noted that it was 20 minutes from her home.  It then went on to note that the gang Javier was mixed up with was located in Orlando.  The last time I checked it took more than 20 minutes to get to the beach from Orlando.  Perhaps I missed something in the location.
The second point is the way Javier spoke.  I understand that it was emphasizing the fact that he was from Cuba but did he always have to make comments like "mi mama"?  I got old rather quickly and seemed like a little bit of overkill.  I think the backstory about his mother not allowing him to date "gringo's" was enough to establish his heritage.
Overall this story was exactly as advertised.  I want a YA read that had a lot of romance with a story to go along with it.  That is what I got.  I feel this will resonate the most with teenaged girls due to the love story between Melissa and Javier.  I am glad I had the opportunity to read this.  I only recommend that you start with the first book and then pick this one up.

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