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Review: The Perfect Christmas by Kate Forster

A holiday short story that proves that true love is forever, not just for Christmas…
Hollywood movie star Maggie and friend and manager Zoe need an escape from their complicated star-studded lives in LA. With its history and Christmas charm, London feels like the perfect getaway.

But can they truly leave their realities behind?

In their luxurious quarters, the girls meet Holly who is ideal at showing Maggie and Zoe the sumptuous sights and sounds of London in their most glittering light. But behind her bright façade, Holly is hiding a secret: suffering from unrequited love, she’s looking for a Christmas miracle. Desperate to see an unattainable love story for Holly come together, will our LA starlets succeed in providing a Hollywood ending before the dawn of Christmas Day?

Packed to the brim with festive cheer, this is the only story you’ll need this Christmas…

ebook, 78 pages
Published September 29th 2014 by Mira UK

Terri's Thoughts

In search of a light holiday read I found this story as a read now feature on Netgalley.  Thank you for the chance to give my honest feedback.

This was a really quick read with only 78 pages.  I did not know where it was heading at the beginning.  Maggie's husband was such a nightmare that it was almost excessive.  There seemed to be so much more behind the story that I didn't understand.

Once the story moves to London it becomes the Christmas story I expected.  The story of Christmas magic, match making and falling in love.  It was really cute.  Add to it that one of the characters was named Jack Frost.  I wont say much because the story is not very long and I must leave something to discover.

I do have to make a couple of nit-picking comments on this.  The main idea is that Maggie is a rich and famous superstar who has a life of luxury.  In this I found a couple of inconsistencies.
The first is talking about her "suite" in first class when she was flying to London.  Having flown first class on numerous occasions this is a bit of an exaggeration.  Since it was not a private jet it would be considered more of a pod than a suite.  Minor I know but to keep it real it was a little too much.  don't get me wrong, first class is a way better option than the rest but suite implies spacious which is a stretch.  The second is that it talked about Maggie shopping at Zara as if it was an exclusive store when it is available everywhere at a price range for the average person.  Again, a minor point.

It appears that this Christmas story is a prequel to another story which I think will offer the reader a little bit more.  While this story was cute I found myself more interested in the story that happens next.  I will have to stay tuned to find out what happens.

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