Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review: Crystal Tomb (Dark Angels Chronicles) by Melanie Nilles

The Shirukan aren't the only threat to the Starfire shard Raea bears...

An alien enemy has awakened to reclaim the crystal that was theirs, and those last survivors of a war that nearly destroyed Inar'Ahben aren't afraid to kill anyone who stands in their way.

An ancient monument to a mythical civilization on Earth may hold the key to stopping the new enemy, if the secret of its origins can be unlocked. Raea is running out of time to solve the most puzzling question of human history and resolve the conflict brought to Earth. If she fails, she may lose more than the Starfire

ebook, 220 pages

Published May 30th 2011 by Prairie Star Publishing (first published May 29th 2011)

Terri's Review
This instalment of the Dark Angel's chronicles finds Raea and Elis back on earth and reunited. 

My favorite part of this series is the interaction and love story of Raea and Elis.  I have fallen in love with the character of Elis along with Raea in the story.  His devotion and affection is that which any girl would love to experience.  I am curious to see where this will take the story down the road.

That being said I did struggle with this story more than the previous ones in the chronicles.  This one saw the introduction of another alien species the Risaal as well as adding a human government agency to the mix.  I found it difficult to keep the names of these new characters straight and the storyline involving them.  I also felt that this story was a bit of a departure from the theme of the previous ones where the majority of the story does not involve Raea or Elis.  While the storyline was interesting it did not seem to fit the theme established so far.

As mentioned the main reason I keep reading this series is due to the love story.  I am hoping that the future instalments return to this while it takes us through the adventures of protecting the shards and the Starfire entities.  I have committed myself to this series however I think I will take a break and read something else before returning to read the final two books in this series.

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