Sunday, 15 September 2013

We Are Back!


Kristine and I have been discussing the fact that we let this blog slide for the last year yet we have both been busy reading a lot of books, some good and some not so good and posting reviews on Goodreads.  We have decided we are going to give another go at our blog in the hopes of reviewing and archiving all of the books that have past our time.  The unfortunate part of this is that there were a lot of good books we have read that we will not get the chance to review as too much time has past to give them the justice they deserve.  Here is hoping we can correct that going forward.  I am currently reading Broken Wings book two of the Dark Angel chronicles.  I will be posting my review once I have completed the series since I have already read two of them.  Then again I may do the reviews individually I have not yet decided.  It will be a game time decision.  I look forward to resuming sharing my thoughts.

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  1. I think it's great to see another set of twins on the book blogging circuit!!! My sister and I also run a book blog and haven't come across twins since we started! Awesome blog guys!!!

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