Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Review: Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardall

When Candice's in-laws were killed eight months ago buying a huge faux polar bear rug for her Christmas present, she lost more than just two of her favorite people: she lost her husband Ian as well. After only two years of marriage, their guilt and pain have left them living together but apart, unable to really talk for fear of what they'll say to each other.

Ian leaves for a month-long contract overseas, and Candice plans to use the time apart to decide whether her marriage can be saved. When her ex walks back into her life as the new client at work, ten years more attractive yet saddened by his own recent loss, she's left wondering what she really wants from life and love.

Paperback, 254 pages
Published November 24th 2010 by CreateSpace (first published 2009)

Terri's Review
This book has proven difficult for me to pen my exact opinion and thoughts.  It was not a terrible book nor an epic read for me falling somewhere in the middle.

What this book did do was create a philosophical debate about what I would do if I was in Candace' shoes.  How would you react if the one you had committed your life to said something unforgivable (in my opinion)?  How do you move on? How do you break the cycle of isolation in a relationship? What would you do if someone else came along and offered to protect you and make you their world?  How do you choose when you don't even know who you are?

More than anything this was a book about self discovery and less about love and romance.  The true love story was the one that Candace had with herself throughout her journey.  The Polar Bear tattoo symbolizes her journey and growth as she starts to make changes and decisions for herself.  This was the true heart of the story and quite frankly more interesting then the men in her life.

I enjoyed going along for the ride and I enjoyed the fact that the novel took place in Toronto a city which I am familiar with. The female supporting cast were funny and strong characters and the interaction between the women had me giggling at times.

 While this will not make my top ten list it was still an enjoyable afternoon spent.

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