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Review: Something Sweeter by Candis Terry

Seattle event planner Allison Lane is an expert at delivering the perfect wedding—even if she might not exactly believe in the whole "'til death do us part" thing. When her father decides to tie the knot with a woman he barely knows, Allison heads to Sweet, Texas, to make sure his new honey is the real deal. What she didn't expect to find at the local honky-tonk was a sexy Southern man as bent on charming her pants off as he is on blowing her "true love doesn't exist" theory all to hell.

And they always promise . . .

Veterinarian, former Marine, and Sweet's favorite playboy Jesse Wilder takes one look at Allison and knows she's a handful of trouble he can't deny. But even after a sizzling kiss and obvious mutual attraction, it seems Allison has no such problem. When Jesse uncovers her sweet side, can he crush his playboy image, melt her cynical heart, and change her mind about taking a trip down the aisle?

ebook, 384 pages

Expected publication: June 24th 2014 by Avon
Terri's Thoughts

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Avon via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.  The expected publication date is June 24 2014.

I did not realize when I requested this book that it was the third book in the Sweet, Texas series.  I was able to read this as a stand alone however I do feel I missed out on the stories of the other Wilder brothers.  I will need to go back and read them.

This story does not stray from the formula that typically defines this genre.  Boy meets girl...instant physical attraction....they can't be together for various reasons that make sense to only themselves....yet they can't stay away from each other. This is what I expected from this story and this is what I got.  Delivered as promised.

Terry does a great job with the chemistry between Allison and Jesse.  It sizzles off of the page from their first meeting and continues to build momentum as the story continues. 

I must spend a little time talking about Jesse.  The description of Jesse was downright drool worthy.  He had the perfect eyes, the perfect chiseled body and a personality that put his amazing looks to the background.  This is how I know this was fiction as I do not think such perfection is achieved in real life.  He did have one downfall to put him among us mere mortals.  He had long hair.  Seriously who does that anymore?  I think this fad went out in the nineties and it certainly isn't attractive.  Then again maybe there are those out there that appreciate it so he would be perfect for them. 

Allison was the typical description.  Short....why are they always short?... long hair and a body that is every mans dream.  That is about all I remember as I had my focus on Jesse ;-)

There are some steamy scenes in this story that should be enough to satisfy those who crave it.  There was also a lot of more substantial parts that explored the family bonds of both Allison and Jesse.  This was probably the best part in my opinion.  The bond between the brothers is what made me really wish I had read the first two books.

I enjoyed this read and I plan on exploring the rest of the Sweet, Texas series.  I look forward to reading about the other droll worthy Wilder brothers!

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