Thursday, 29 May 2014

Feature and Follow Friday #30

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This week's question is...

How important is good writing to you? In an ideal world, a book would be beautifully written AND have great character development, plot, etc. But in the real world, which do you prefer: (1) Great characters and plot with lousy writing or (2) Middling character development and plot but gorgeous writing

Terri's Answer

This is a really tough question to answer.  I love a beautifully written book however I love a great plot, characters etc.  I think it is a really fine line.  I find I can be turned off by both scenarios.  If a story has great writing yet a lousy plot or character development I can find it pretentious and boring.  I always wonder who the author is trying to fool and I tend to be harsh in my judgement. I am like that with people I work with who tend to spew out a bunch of great sounding words with no depth or meaning to them in an effort to impress.  Just get to the point!  I think it is more difficult to have a great plot and characters then to string together a bunch of nice sounding words.  That would make you think I prefer option 1 however I have issue with that also.  While I will always choose a great plot; when the writing is lousy I tend to get annoyed.  It really wears my nerves when I am distracted from a great story because I need to reread half the pages.  Soooooooo...if I have to choose....I say none of the above.  There has to be a balance of both.  I'm not asking for perfection...just a great story that is told well.

Kristine's Answer

I have to agree with Terri on this one. I have read some beautifully written books where the story gets lost in the words and books with great plots and characters but not so great writing. I think because I read so many ARC's I have become more tolerant of not so great writing. Some I feel like I need a decoder or translator to get through but I always do. I think it depends on the book, my mood, my stress level and the countless other things that distract me.

What about you? Which do you prefer?

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  1. I tend to agree with you both. It is a difficult to pick one of the other as I think it simply needs to be a nice mix of the two.
    Old follower dropping by to say "hi".
    Have a great week.
    Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

  2. Yeah definitely agree to wanting both, but I think I had to go with characters, plot, etc. If none of that drew me in, I wouldn't read the book in the first place no matter how well or not well written.

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I agree even though I pick option 1. if the characters and plot aren't good its boring and annoying. If the writing is lousy its frustrating and I will not want to read it.

    followed on bloglovin and twitter

  4. For me the plot needs to be really good so I can overlook the "lousy" writing. If it's just OK then I might not enjoy reading it. :/

    New GFC and bloglovin' follower. MY F&F!

  5. Hi! So glad to be a part of Feature and Follow Friday and with such an awesome question to. I answered if I had to choose, I would choose number 2. I can put up with a less than stellar plot and characters for a while--maybe even until the end of the book. But bad writing makes me keep saying, "Oh, this is so bad." And I have to stop. Interesting discussion! I'm new to your blog. I'm going to follow with GFC! I'm one of the features today: :)

  6. I agree with both of you.
    I'm an existing follower. Have a great weekend!
    Diane @ Diane's Book Blog

  7. I agree with both of you, even though when if I have to choose, I do prefer characters and plot over awesome writing. If I don't get swept away by the story, I'm won't like the book as much.

    Old follower.
    My F&FF
    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

  8. Hi! New follower here. I love this Friday's topic. I also prefer great characters and plot, for some funny reason, I can overlook mild spelling mistakes and flat writing.

    My FF

  9. If only we could choose great characters and plot with awesome writing... I think we all share the same views.

    Old bloglovin follower. New GFC, fb and twitter follower. Follow me back via my ff.

  10. I definitely would choose characters given the choice. I love having amazing characters that stick with me forever, and sometimes the writing doesn't have an effect on how much I like a character. I'm a new GFC and bloglovin' follower. (:

  11. Fantastic answer! I totally agree with you. I think a great balance between plot, characters, and writing is so important and honestly hard to manage. Craptastic writing is easier to ignore for me than it is for me to ignore a crappy character I think because if we don't hit it off at least a little than I won't like the character nearly as much. Thank you for following and I am now following you back!

  12. Tough, tough question to ask as neither option is a good one......

    Thea @ Gizzimomo's Book Shelf